About the Blog…


The primary goal of this blog is to explore and identify the best training, tools and tactics available to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. We hope to share that knowledge with like-minded individuals. We’re not experts, but we do have a lot of combined experience. We intend to keep this blog relatively free of politics and drama while advocating self-reliance and personal liberty. We plan to share with you ideas and tactics that we have learned in training as well as after action reviews of some of that training. You can also expect the occasional gear review or guest post.

There will be a fair amount of material directed at the new gun owner, but we hope that our writing is of interest to the experienced shooter also. As one can infer from the name of our blog, our posts are primarily going to be written from the perspective of an armed civilian rather than the armed professional that carries a gun daily as part of their job. We welcome those who do put on a uniform daily to read as well, although they will no doubt approach many subjects from a necessarily different perspective and operate with different rules of engagement than the armed civilian. Regarding our perspectives, we hereby pledge not to write about anything that we haven’t directly experienced or had training in. We do this to maintain our credibility. Of course, we reserve the right to change our mind based on new experiences and evolution of thought…

Finally, we want to briefly explain the blog’s name. We chose to call this blog Civilian Gunfighter because we felt that it embodied the essence of what those of us who don’t put a uniform on everyday should nonetheless strive to be. Carrying or owning a gun isn’t about being a badass or a hero… it is about being self-reliant and situationally aware in our daily environment and being capable of fighting our way to safety if necessary. The gun is just a tool, but it’s a very important and powerful tool with significant implications. The fighter is the one who prevails. And the civilian is most of us. That’s the story behind the name.

With that said, we invite you to follow our blog and read and comment on our posts. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from our readers!

Thanks for visiting!

5 thoughts on “About the Blog…

  1. John, Robert, and 8MMKURZ: I subscribe to your blog and read every post. Thank you for sharing your practical knowledge and insight. I’m wondering if I may send to you my just-published booklet, “The Case for Biblical Self-Defense,” for your review and hopefully recommendation. If so, please let me know to what address I should send it. Thank you.


  2. Impressive blog Gentlemen. I particularly enjoyed the “A Tale of Two Carbines” post. I am in early development on a site targeting first time civilian shooters – moms and dads – with goals for responsible and effective home defense and concealed carry. I will link to your site as a source of information. Thank you for the tips and techniques.


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