Appendix Carry: Misplaced Controversy?

This is an article I didn’t think I would write!  I felt like John’s article covered this topic very well. However, I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter on the web about appendix inside-the-waistband carry (AIWB), particularly since Larry Vickers banned the use of this method of carry in his classes. Other well-known instructors, if not banning […]

Appendix Carry – A Better Way to Carry Concealed?

Virtually anyone that has spent any time carrying a handgun will have the ubiquitous box of holsters in the closet, having tried any number of designs and found them wanting in some way or another. In this post, I’m going to discuss some of what I’ve learned about holsters and concealed carry methods over the […]

UNcivil Unrest

I have the pleasure of living just outside–and working in–one of the most violent cities in the nation. A city of 600,000+ that sees 250+ murders per year and has associated levels of other violent crime. Recently, this city has been in the news as one of those where a young African-American male died while […]

Charleston, SC, Church Shooting – Some Thoughts…

Earlier this week, a disturbed young man walked into a Charleston, South Carolina church and perpetrated an act of despicable evil. Rather than focus on the political or societal implications (the talking heads will do that ad nauseam), I think it is vital to examine the situation and revisit some established tactical truths. As is […]

Blow Out Kits – One Medic’s Perspective

Overview I was recently asked to write about what is commonly referred to as a blow out kit. The term refers to an individual medical kit carried to treat immediately life threatening extremity hemorrhage, tension pneumothorax (collapsed lung), and airway obstruction. These three things are responsible for most traumatic battlefield deaths. While all have long […]

Setting Personal Self-Defense Training Goals

“Man, I had such a blast at that super-duper Carbine II class with ex-Tier One super-ninja! Blew through like 2,000 rounds!” Heard these comments before? Have YOU made these comments? It’s okay. I’m not going to mock you; I’ve been there myself (well, I’ve never blown through 2,000 rounds in one, but still). Firearms classes […]