The Three Gun Battery for Self-Defense

Despite the title, this post has nothing to do with 3-gun competition… Instead, this post is going to be my thoughts on the guns that you NEED for self-defense. Now, if you want something else and can easily afford it, then go buy it! I’m not addressing those purchases here. Rather, this post is intended for […]

Preparing for Your First Firearms Class

Now that you’ve registered for your first firearms class, you have some preparing to do.  The following guidelines are just that:  guidelines to help you.  This list is in no way exhaustive, and you should always defer to any lists your instructors may provide.  As you take more classes (because you probably won’t stop at […]

Firearms Safety

As this is a firearms centric blog, it’s only appropriate that we should discuss firearms safety. Indeed, anyone who has spent any time around firearms has probably either witnessed or read about a negligent discharge. Don’t let it happen to you! In this post, I will attempt to synthesize firearms safety concepts from a variety […]