The Case for Duplicate Guns

In previous posts, it has been suggested that having duplicates of your primary guns is a good thing. In this post, I’m going to present some scenarios and reasons to expand on why it’s such a good idea. Military Special Forces plan for mission success by adhering to the concept of “two is one and […]

AAR: Combat Shooting and Tactics (Paul Howe), “Advanced Individual Tactics”, Nacogdoches, TX 11/21-11/23, 2014

I wrote this after action report soon after taking my final class in 2014. The course was Advanced Individual Tactics, which I took at the Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT) training facility in Nacogdoches, TX, 11/21-23/14. ( The cost of the course was $700, and included lodging at the CSAT barracks. The lead instructor for […]

Some Thoughts on Single Point Slings…

Almost always, I prefer a quick adjust or simple 2-point sling on a long gun. There are, however, two scenarios where I might consider using a single point sling instead. The first is with an AR pistol and the second is with a shotgun. The AR pistol is light and handy, and can benefit from […]

The AR Pistol as a Truck Gun

In this post, I’m going to expand on a concept mentioned by Robert in his post on AR pistols. Specifically, I’m going to discuss the use of an AR pistol as a truck gun. An important tangent of this discussion is identifying the purpose of a truck (or car) gun. Critical thought on the subject […]

AR Pistol: Legitimate Combat Firearm or Novelty?

I am NOT an early adopter in anything. I don’t need the latest type of television, I didn’t run out and buy a BluRay player when they came out, and I only have an iPod because it was a gift. I like things I buy to have a well-established track-record before I will drop money […]