The AR Pistol as a Truck Gun

In this post, I’m going to expand on a concept mentioned by Robert in his post on AR pistols. Specifically, I’m going to discuss the use of an AR pistol as a truck gun. An important tangent of this discussion is identifying the purpose of a truck (or car) gun. Critical thought on the subject […]

AR Pistol: Legitimate Combat Firearm or Novelty?

I am NOT an early adopter in anything. I don’t need the latest type of television, I didn’t run out and buy a BluRay player when they came out, and I only have an iPod because it was a gift. I like things I buy to have a well-established track-record before I will drop money […]

Always Check Your Ammo!

In this post, I’m going to share some examples of faulty ammunition that I’ve encountered in training, and highlight the importance of inspecting your ammo and proactively replacing carry ammo. Many malfunctions can be attributed to either faulty magazines or faulty ammunition. By inspecting your ammunition, you can minimize the chances of an ammo related […]