Traveling with Firearms

In this post, I’m going to share some of my experience gained from traveling all over the United States with guns. I’ve flown with guns frequently and driven coast to coast with them as well. While such travel requires some planning and preparation, it is usually easily accomplished. I must preface what follows with the […]

Equipment Review: Defoor Proformance Sights

Those of you that have read some of my previous posts know that I am not a fan of the stock plastic Glock sights. Generally, sights are the first thing I will change out on any new Glock purchase. For several months now, I have been running the Defoor Proformance sights offered by Ameriglo on […]

Situational Awareness

It does us no good to carry a firearm or other defensive tool if we don’t have our heads “in the game”. I am no super-duper-ninja by any means, but recent observations I’ve made have indicated that I’m far ahead of the curve compared with most of the general public. A few weeks ago I had […]