Giddy Giddy Bang-Bang!

I am a child. Well, not really. But I sometimes act like one. Certainly a child at heart. I say this because right now I’m a little giddy. Why?


Tomorrow I head off to see my blog partner, John. Believe it or not, we haven’t actually SEEN each other since we trained together in a class in July of 2014 (AAR here). We started this blog completely through email, text messages, and perhaps one phone call. So that’s kind of cool. Definitely looking forward to hanging out, actually talking about all of the typical subject matter we cover on the blog, the future of the blog, etc. So I’m giddy for the camaraderie of hanging out with one of my few friends I can say is like-minded. Of course, the main reason why I’ll see John is because….


On Saturday, John and I will again train together, this time in Mike Pannone’s “Street and Vehicle” class! This will be the second time we’ve trained with Mike Pannone, each of us taking different iterations of his Covert Carry class (see AARs here and here). So I’m giddy to again train with Pannone, as he is one of the best instructors I’ve trained with to date. The subject matter is definitely a bit “different.” But this fits, as lately I’ve been focused more on “tactics” classes than “fundamentals” classes. And since we’ll be doing plenty of shooting, this will be part of the “bang-bang.” I’m also giddy because I’ll be doing some of this “bang-bang” with my latest acquisition…

New Toy

The “Street and Vehicle” course is a combination course in that we will be shooting with pistols and with carbines. My latest acquisition is a new AR-15 complete upper I got from Dave Montana at Hunter Rifleworks.

Hunter Rifleworks upper
Hunter Rifleworks upper

Dave is an assistant instructor at Combat Shooting and Tactics (I mentioned him briefly in the AARs of both classes I took at CSAT, here and here), but his own company produces high-end ARs, including the brand new “Javelin” which, per Paul Howe’s October newsletter, is the new CSAT carbine! A full review of the upper I bought will be forthcoming (after the AAR of the Pannone class itself), as I just received the upper about two weeks ago. I mounted it on a lower that I built up myself, and I finally got it to the range to zero it, putting 60 rounds through it. Suffice is to say that I am impressed with its weight, fit and finish, accuracy, and reliability (so far), and I’m looking forward to using it in a class to see how well it performs.

For You?

You, the reader, should reap some benefits from this weekend. I’m hopeful that hanging out with John will kindle some new ideas and articles for the blog. The reader will also benefit from an AAR on the course (perhaps we’ll each write one in order to provide different perspectives?), and then I’ll also be reviewing the upper and perhaps some other items I’m looking forward to testing in the course. So hopefully, through some sort of vicarious living, you can feel giddy as well. So go hit the range and do some “bang-bang,” and we’ll be back soon!

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