Echos from the Past… Relevant Today

Today marks the 74th anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. As such, I wanted to take this day to convey my thoughts on some recent current events and their implications, as our great nation is once again under attack. I would not characterize Pearl Harbor as a terrorist attack, but nonetheless, some interesting parallels can be identified. Although the attribution is almost certainly apocryphal, Admiral Yamamoto is often credited with the quote, “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” As our country continues to face threats from those that seek to terrorize and destroy our chosen way of life, I would suggest that we make the myth an analogous reality.

  • Despite several recent discussions of truck guns, I am not suggesting that you carry a rifle everywhere you go. But I do think you should make carrying a handgun a daily habit. Learn how to use it!
  • Reject normalcy bias, and recognize that we now face a new reality that requires greater individual focus and preparation.
  • Be aware. Smartphones are wonderfully useful devices, but pull your face away from them when moving through transition zones and unsecured areas. Listen to your gut, your subconscious rarely lies.
  • Be self-sufficient. This ideal incorporates many skillsets. As a brief example, my child will know how to change a tire and change the engine oil before learning to drive.
  • You should be prepared to defend yourself, whether empty handed, or armed. To that end, if you’re not physically fit to fight, start now!
  • As simple as it sounds, carry a flashlight everywhere you go. Darkness is prevalent, even during the day.
  • Learn basic first aid. Such knowledge is far more likely to be useful and lifesaving than skill-at-arms.
  • Accept the responsibility of living in a dangerous world where you may by default be the first responder. Encourage your family and friends to do the same, and teach your children important survival skills.

We live in a dangerous world, but it need not be a scary world. Develop the proper mindset to deal with the situation at hand, whatever it may be. Seventy-four years ago, the greatest generation this country has ever known rose up to defeat an unprecedented threat, and left us with an incredible legacy that we should not squander.

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