Looking Back, & Looking Forward…

This will be my last post for 2015, and will be my own version of a “Year in Review” blog entry.

When I first approached Robert about starting this blog, I wasn’t sure what we were getting ourselves into! Since the blog’s inception in May, we’ve been humbled by the steadily growing site view stats and occasional comments. We’ve tried, and will endeavor to continue, to bring our readers valuable content, honest reviews, and competent commentary. I can already promise one upcoming gear review based on a Christmas gift, and there will of course be a few training AARs to look forward to as well.

Looking back, I was lucky to have several awesome training opportunities offered near me this past year, as recounted in previous AARs. Some of that training seems to have become even more relevant in light of recent events. I’m of the opinion that we are going to be in the fight against evil for some time yet, and ongoing training is simply good insurance.

Looking forward, I am scheduled to attend at least a Kyle Defoor pistol class in 2016. I would also like to make it to classes offered by Tom Givens and Craig Douglas. I took my first handgun classes with Tom Givens at the old Rangemaster facility in Memphis, TN when it was still brand new, and I look forward to training with Givens again in the future. There are some big (positive) changes in my life that will be happening in 2016 that will curtail and compete for my training dollars and time, but I intend to continue training on a regular basis with a goal of 2-3 classes per year. I will probably focus on pistol, knife, and combative subjects more so than on carbines, as I am relatively happy with my carbine skill set and knowledge, especially considering that I have trouble envisioning a scenario in which I would ever have to fire a carbine in anger. With several carbine classes already under my belt, I’ve had the opportunity to work the bugs out of my carbine setup and vet my equipment in the closest thing to real use as I’m ever likely to see. In my opinion, the carbine is inherently easier to shoot, and competency with a pistol is realistically far more important to my “mission.”

One of the other things I have indirectly been trying to do on the blog is highlight range drills that I find particularly valuable to the armed citizen. My favorites thus far are Mike Pannone’s 50 round conscious contradiction practice routine, Tom Givens’ “Aiming for Accuracy,” Bill Wilson and Mike Seeklander’s 5×5 challenge (both pistol and rifle), and Ken Hackathorn’s “Wizard” drill. All of these share some common traits in that they require minimal ammunition, minimal time, and quantify performance against an established standard while practicing relevant core skills.

I may venture into the realm of competition shooting in 2016, as I have recently become aware of some local opportunities that I didn’t even realize existed. As it turns out, even in anti-gun jurisdictions, love of shooting for the fun of it is alive and well!

So as 2015 comes to an end, I look eagerly forward to 2016 and the changes and opportunities it will bring. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

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