New Appearance, Same Content…

Returning readers of the blog will notice an obvious change. Based on some feedback that the previous appearance was at times difficult to read, we are experimenting with a different theme. Although the blog looks different (hopefully better), the content is the same. Please let us know what you think of the change!

10 thoughts on “New Appearance, Same Content…

  1. Much better! I love the content but it was very difficult to read with the old background. It’s a welcomed improvement.

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  2. I think it needs to be hot pink or magenter with chartreuse green lettering. Or, red and green one week, and blue and yellow alternating weeks. Just a thought…

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    1. We’ll take it under advisement, goofball! I cannot promise, however, that we can meet your rather unusual and yet specific requests….hope you’re liking the blog!

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      1. I’m really digging the blog. Great stuff to mull over and things to implement into my cognitive set and practices. I’m a fan!

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