Growing Pains at Elite Tactical Systems?

Last month, based largely on Robert’s ongoing review of the new ETS Glock magazines, I decided to purchase two of the 10 round Glock 19 limited capacity magazines to use during my weekly range trips. I was pleased that ETS offered the option of limited capacity magazines for those of us trapped behind enemy lines, and I was encouraged by the apparent quality of their products and reports of responsive customer service.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to comment on the function or durability of the magazines… I haven’t received them yet. I ordered directly from ETS, and I am still waiting on their customer service department to resolve an issue with my order that I will describe below.

Specifically, on 02/25/16, I ordered two 10 round Glock 19 magazines directly from Elite Tactical Systems on their website. The magazines shipped on 02/26/16, and on 02/29/16, I received a much anticipated USPS Priority Mail box. Upon opening it, I discovered two limited capacity Glock 17 magazines… not what I ordered! I know they will work in my gun, but why on earth would I want a reduced capacity magazine that sticks out of the bottom of my gun? I don’t even own a Glock 17.

ETS GLK-17-10
ETS Glock 17 Magazine, but not what I ordered!

The next day on 03/01/16, I called ETS customer service, explained the error, and was told that the correct magazines that I had ordered would ship within a day, along with a return shipping label for the incorrect magazines. While annoyed by the error, I was happy with the quick resolution they offered.

After more than a week passed with no follow up or arrival of the correct magazines, I emailed customer service on 03/10/16, inquiring about the status of my order. On 03/15/16, I finally received a reply email stating that I would receive a tracking number by the end of the next day 03/16/16 “at the latest.” As of this writing, I’ve received no further communication from them. I have not informed ETS that I am an owner of this blog or that I was planning on reviewing their product. Rather, I wanted to see how they would treat the average paying customer, which is in truth, exactly what I am.

So far, I have had a frustrating experience dealing directly with Elite Tactical Systems. Since I was still eager to evaluate the magazines for training and carry purposes, when I saw that Freedom Munitions had the limited capacity magazines in stock and on sale, I ordered three magazines from them. If ETS eventually fulfills my order correctly, I will wind up with five limited capacity Glock 19 magazines for training and evaluation purposes.

I retain high hopes for their products, as they will fill a niche in my equipment needs, but I cannot yet say anything positive about their customer service. At this point, I fully anticipate receiving the magazines that I ordered from Freedom Munitions before the ones that I originally ordered directly from the manufacturer. I don’t know whether this is an example of growing pains of a new company or whether my order just fell through the cracks, but my experience does not encourage dealing directly with them in the future. As such, even if I encounter any problems with the magazines that would be covered under warranty, I am essentially considering them a disposable commodity.

I will update this post once the issue is resolved, and I will probably add on to Robert’s existing review with specific observations and round counts on whatever magazines I eventually wind up with.

UPDATE 03/19/2016

Well, ETS proved me wrong… the correct replacement magazines arrived today before my order from Freedom Munitions. Strangely, it was just two loose magazines in a USPS Priority Mail box. No packaging or wrapping whatsoever, which makes me wonder.

ETS GLK-19-10
ETS Glock 19 Limited Capacity Magazines… better late than never!

At any rate, they’re finally here. There was also no return label for the wrong magazines, so I will take it upon myself to return them at my expense, since I have still had no further communication from the company. I will begin using these two magazines for practice and training purposes and report back with round counts and my own observations on Robert’s existing review post. Stay tuned…

Thanks for visiting the blog, and please do comment below if you’ve had a more positive or perhaps similar customer service experience with Elite Tactical Systems.

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