The OODA Loop from a Different Perspective…

I have written here before about my use of podcasts to occupy my lengthy commute to and from work. Recently, I learned of the EmCrit podcast from a coworker. Although EmCrit is directed at the medical profession, I wanted to discuss a recent episode that deals directly with a topic that should be of interest […]

Do as I Say, Not as I Do!

Just in my last blog post I mentioned how we try not to get TOO political here on the blog.  But, sometimes I just cannot help myself, particularly given the fact that this figures to be a pretty important election year.  We are being bombarded hourly with political reports on the news and social media sites […]

DRGO – Healthcare and Gun Owners…

I wanted to springboard off of Robert’s post about the apparent woeful ignorance of some doctors about guns to highlight an organization that I believe is doing some real good and fighting the good fight. As Robert mentioned in his post, we try to remain relatively apolitical with this blog, but occasionally I do think […]

Is There a Doctor in the House? Why Yes, Unfortunately!

It was never my intention, nor John’s, to use this blog as a political soap box.  A few of our posts have dabbled in this area, but we feel like others do a better and more focused job in the political arenas.  Nevertheless, a couple of articles recently jumped out at me, and I wanted […]

AAR: Shivworks (Craig Douglas) “Armed Movement in Structures”, Pittsburgh, PA 4/9-4/10, 2016

I first started hearing about Craig Douglas, a.k.a. “SouthNarc”, years ago, probably before I ever started taking any self-defense classes.  Over the years, I have watched countless YouTube videos—mostly of portions of his much-lauded Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (ECQC) classes—read some of his writings, listened to interviews with him on various podcasts, and even joined […]

ATF 41F, SilencerCo EasyTrust, and Silencers!

I’ve written about silencer (or suppressor, if you prefer, although “silencer” is the actual legal term used by the ATF) ownership legalities here on the blog only briefly before, as it is far from one of the areas in which I consider myself knowledgeable. Having said that, I did want to write a few words about […]

2017 Rangemaster Tactical Conference!

It’s official! The Civilian Gunfighter blogging team will be attending the 2017 Rangemaster Tactical Conference, being held March 17-19, 2017 at the Direct Action Resource Center (DARC) in Little Rock, AR. Registration is now open and the conference typically sells out well in advance. With ~30 instructors offering a variety of training blocks over the course […]