Do as I Say, Not as I Do!

Just in my last blog post I mentioned how we try not to get TOO political here on the blog.  But, sometimes I just cannot help myself, particularly given the fact that this figures to be a pretty important election year.  We are being bombarded hourly with political reports on the news and social media sites about all sorts of happenings, and even with filters on “high” it can still be difficult to ignore it all.

It is through such a lens that the following news story just seemed to strike a chord with me:

Yes, Chelsea Clinton was out stumping for her mom (who can blame her, really?).  What struck me most about this article (and it appeared ALL over the news just days ago) was not so much the almost uncouth statement, and I paraphrase, that “Scalia’s death means that gun control now has a chance.”  That was bad enough in of itself.

What struck me most of all was how she said she never gave gun control much thought until she became a mother.  She then went on to reference the Sandy Hook families (because how can we ever mention firearms without mentioning these people who strolled around in their liberal utopia completely oblivious to the fact that evil exists in this world or—even worse—evil existed right under their noses?  That evil did not take the form of an AR-15, but a lunatic and his equally certifiable mother.) and how she cannot imagine living that horror and tragedy.

I just found her statement about being a mother perplexing.  I became a father just a few years ago, and my own experience with being a parent led me in the opposite direction.  Though already a gun owner by the time of the birth of my children, I started to take my role as “family protector” much more seriously (not just firearms, either.  Our family vehicles are better prepared for emergencies, as is our home, etc.).   I saw to it that we moved out of the city to a nicer neighborhood, bought more firearms to fulfill very specific self-defense roles, and embarked on my training journey–which continues to and through this day.

I guess the only explanation is that, when you come from a wealthy family that can afford gated communities and personal bodyguards (I’m not sure whether or not Chelsea receives Secret Service protection, but, if not, I am sure she at least has private armed guards around her, particularly when stumping for mom, and probably all the time), then maybe you can afford to not give conscious thought to the protection of yourself and your family.

I assume that I am preaching to the choir here, since if you found this blog you probably take your defense and the defense of your family very seriously.  But I still cannot help but shake my head when people like Chelsea, or her mother, or Bloomberg, or big-names from Hollywood, or any of the other “champions of gun control” talk about the evils of firearms when they are surrounded by armed professionals.  It is the ultimate disconnect, the classic “do as I say, not as I do.”

Sorry for the rant.  I will be back in my usual mode very soon with several gear reviews, and I recently registered for two more classes—one of which is only a few weeks away—so the AARs will keep coming as well.  As always, thanks for reading.


One thought on “Do as I Say, Not as I Do!

  1. The hypocrisy of the political and social elites is just staggering. Living in their ivory towers high above the “common folk”, not knowing what it’s like to live or work in a bad neighborhood or what it’s like to be responsible for anyone else but themselves. And then they have the audacity to tell us common folk how to live. It’s truly disgusting.


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