Memorial Day 2016

This Memorial Day weekend marks the one year anniversary of our blog… First, we’d like to thank our readers for the significant growth that we’ve experienced over the past year, especially in the past few months. We plan to continue delivering quality content with training and equipment reviews, and exploration of the best tactics and […]

Check Your Six: Looking AND Seeing

We have discussed various parts of the after action assessment previously here on the blog. Those posts can be found here and here. What I want to discuss today is how I practice actual observation when checking my six, and how I train to do so safely. For those that may be new to concealed […]

The Dangers of Inbreeding

It was a few months ago that I found myself in a “conversation” on one of the gun/self-defense forums.  The forum in question is not one of the “gun” oriented ones (such as SigForum, Glocktalk, etc.), but one set up by a firearms/self-defense training company, which we shall refer to as Company X.  As one […]

Equipment Review: Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon holster

Elsewhere on the blog, I have mentioned how I am one of those rare breed of handgun owners who does not have the drawer/box/closet full of holsters.  I will, in using my “Buy Once, Cry Once” (see here and here) strategy, test “proof of concept” with cheaper alternatives before diving into the better, more expensive items […]

NOW is the Time

I am not one to get caught up in “panic buying”.  In the post-Sandy Hook months, I was one of those who was able to profit slightly while panic abounded.  I recall selling a couple of Glock 33 round magazines for $60+, and I unloaded a Keltec Sub 2000 (Glock 9mm model) for $700+.  I […]

Equipment Review: Ares Gear Enhanced Aegis Belt

Over the few years that I have been carrying a pistol I have generally been satisfied with my Wilderness Instructor belt.  Although it is now a few years old, it’s been maintaining its cross-sectional rigidity.  However, over these years there were times when I wished that I had a belt that had less of a […]