Current Events Commentary (Warning: Explicit Language!)

I know that we said that we were going to try to avoid politics and drama in the writing of this blog, but I’m tired. Really fucking tired. Tired of opening my Facebook feed and seeing rhetoric spewed from all angles and all sides. Tired of being portrayed by the liberal left and anti-gun politicians […]

A Few Thoughts on the Orlando Massacre

Like so many Americans, I woke up Sunday to the news of the attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  As of this writing, 49 people are reported dead and 53 more wounded.  I wish I could say that I am sad or shocked by this news, but, sadly, I think “numb” might be […]

The SHRIKE Belt Fed AR

I’m guessing most folks reading this blog have a fighting rifle. You may have picked an AK, an AR, or maybe something in between like a SIG or a Vz58 .  You might have gone old school with an FN or an HK or M1A or, or, or…  I live in Maryland (that’s behind the […]

Concealed Carry and Driving…

The purpose of this post is not necessarily to discuss vehicle gunfighting tactics, as I’m not really qualified to talk about that at length. With that said, I can and will discuss some basics that I’ve learned in training, but what I really want to focus on first is the best way to carry a gun […]

Welcoming a new Contributor

John and I wanted to take a moment to introduce and welcome a new contributor to the blog.  8mmkurz is the pseudonym of a police officer friend of mine whose full biographical information can be found under “Contributor Bios” at the top of the page.  He will be reviewing gear (expect some esoteric stuff!), writing […]

My Pistol-Mounted Red Dot Journey

If memory serves, I first read about the use of red dot optics on handguns used for defensive purposes on the firearms/self-defense training forum Warriortalk.  This was probably back in 2013.  Already familiar with the Warriortalk leader’s penchant for touting new bits of hardware to sell to his acolytes, I mostly dismissed this concept for […]