You VS. the Police (Part One)

I’m a cop.  I’ve worn a badge of one sort or another for 35+ years.  I started out in ODs, then progressed to BDUs and even “Chocolate Chips” for the desert. I was an MP. Now I wear blue.  I’m just like you; well, maybe not, but I have good days and bad days and kids and […]

My First IDPA Match

Followers of the blog are no doubt aware of my relatively recent interest in IDPA.  Our readers are also aware that I took an IDPA safety course that a local club requires of all potential IDPA shooters.  On Saturday, I got to return to the club to shoot in my first IDPA club match. Readers of […]

Baton Rouge Police Ambush

The contributors here at the blog wish to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the murdered Baton Rouge, LA police officers that were ambushed yesterday. I have family down in LA and they knew one of the officers that lost his life, so this one hit particularly close to home. I […]

Heading Down the IDPA Path

I like it when I achieve goals.  Long-time readers of the blog may recall my 2016 Training Goals article.  In it, among the goals I outlined were to explore competitive shooting in 2016, most likely IDPA.  I have finally begun this journey. The closest location to me that has regular club matches (several per month) […]

The Dallas Tragedy

The contributors here at blog wish to extend our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the Dallas Police and DART officers that lost their lives in the line of duty last night. While this blog is primarily directed at the civilian population, truly we are all brothers in arms in the fight against […]

Interacting with Police While Carrying a Weapon

Rather than pass judgement on the recent shooting of Philando Castile by law enforcement personnel, I want to address the situation from an educational perspective. Specifically, I want to talk about how to act and interact in routine dealings with police. Now, I’m not a cop, so I will be addressing this from a somewhat […]

My Kinda-Sorta EDC

Inspired by John’s articles on Everyday Carry (EDC) here and here (and, sadly, by about a million other articles, videos, and photos of others’ EDC gear), I thought I would throw together an article on my own preferred EDC. Before launching into this, a few words are in order.  What follows is my “ideal” EDC gear.  By […]