My Kinda-Sorta EDC

Inspired by John’s articles on Everyday Carry (EDC) here and here (and, sadly, by about a million other articles, videos, and photos of others’ EDC gear), I thought I would throw together an article on my own preferred EDC.

Before launching into this, a few words are in order.  What follows is my “ideal” EDC gear.  By ideal I mean what I carry in an environment where carrying these items is legal.  Keeping in mind that I am a teacher, I spend all of my workdays without most of these items (an astute reader can figure out which).  I generally run most of my weekday errands on my way home from work, which means that I am again often without many of these items.  I do not usually keep the items I cannot have with me at work locked in my car for use on these weekday errands.  My school is in a crappy part of the city with an unsupervised parking lot; street parking is an even greater risk.  I regard the risk of theft from my car as greater than my need to have these items with me before I get home.  On weekends, days off, when traveling, etc., what follows is what I carry.  In a few areas, I will list some options that I occasionally consider for some of the items.  I should also note that what I am including in this article does NOT include items I might carry in my bag each day, which may be the subject of a future article.


I wanted to note what for me is my typical clothing.   Working up from the bottom, I typically wear comfortable shoes which could vary from Keen hiking boots or shoes or Asics running shoes.  I have also had good luck with Merrills and Salomon shoes.  Even my work “formal” shoes are Timberland heavy soled black oxford shoes.  In short, I want something I can walk or run a long way in, won’t fall off if I have to run, won’t hurt me if I have to kick someone, and will protect my feet from being stepped on, stepping on glass, gravel, or other potentially dangerous surfaces.

For pants, I tend to wear cargo pants.  I used to wear jeans often but find that they just restrict my movement too much and do not offer enough pockets.  I do not wear all the latest “tacticool” pants like 5.11, Vertx, etc.  I am fine with ripstop Wrangler cargo pants, $19.99 from Wal-Mart.

For shirts when out and about, I tend to prefer casual button down shirts worn untucked.  In the cool months, these might again be Wrangler heavy-duty shirts from Wal-Mart.  In summer, I tend to go with plaid-patterned button-down short-sleeve shirts from the same place.  The cut tends to be just right for me, they are cheap, and are available in plenty of patterns and colors.  They have recently improved by adding wrinkle-resistant qualities, which has the added benefit for concealed carriers of helping the shirt have its own “form”, for lack of a better word, draping better around the items on the belt.


Belt and Associated Gear

My belt is the backbone of everything that I carry, as it supports a number of items on its own and holds up my pants that have numerous items in the pockets. 


My current preferred belt is the Ares Aegis Enhanced belt (see review here).  This is a very stiff, rigid belt that does a great job supporting everything else.  At times, however, I will wear other belts such as the Wilderness Instructor belt.


My preferred carry pistol is the Glock 19 (see article here).  It gives me a full grip for the draw, 16 rounds on tap, good accuracy, and is not too heavy.  However, there are times, particularly in the summer or when dictated by certain clothing, where something smaller is preferred.  In those cases, I prefer to carry the Glock 26, usually with the flush-fit ten round magazine.  For more discreet carry, I also have a Ruger LCP, though this is never actually carried on my belt; I might utilize pocket, smart, or ankle carry for it.  I have also just purchased a Glock 43 and will see how that might work into the carry rotation.


My current preferred holster is the Raven Concealment Eidolon holster (see review here).  No other holster I have tried does as good a job concealing my Glock 9mm pistols as this one.  It is so good that a Glock 19 conceals on me as well as a Glock 26 used to, and a Glock 17 can conceal as well as a Glock 19 used to.  As a backup to this holster I still have my modified Dale Fricke Archangel holster.  In either case, these holsters are invariably worn in appendix fashion.

Fixed-Blade Knife

For a fixed-blade knife, I usually carry a Shivworks Clinch Pick.  I purchased it lightly used and so am unsure of the manufacturer of the sheath.  I carry it more or less horizontally at around the 11:00 position on the belt, with the knife handle toward my belt buckle and angled slightly downward.  It is affixed to my belt with a single pull-the-dot loop.

Spare Magazine

Whether carrying a Glock 19 or 26, I prefer to carry a Glock 17 magazine for a reload.  This is carried in a slightly modified Raven Concealment magazine carrier (see here), positioned just behind my left hip bone.  On occasion, I will instead carry my no-name kydex double magazine pouch with two spare Glock 17 magazines.  This may be when traveling longer distances or going to a location that I deem to be of a bigger “threat” (movie theater, shopping mall, etc.).

Everything else that I typically have on me is carried in my pockets.  So….

Folding Knife

My typical folder is a Benchmade Griptilian, the full-size model with combination edge and black blade.  I do plan to replace this with a plain-edge model and move the one I currently carry to a backup role. This is typically carried clipped to my right pocket (sometimes worn deep in pocket, depending on environment).  However, if I am pocket carrying a pistol, this knife moves to another location (usually clipped to my belt and worn appendix style).  I also usually carry this knife clipped to the waistband of my running shorts when I am doing my multi-mile runs.


Nothing fancy here.  Leather bi-fold wallet with too-little money in it is carried in either my right cargo pocket or my back pocket.

Keys (not shown)

My house keys are typically carried in the same pocket at the folding knife.  Car keys are separate and in the same pocket unless I am wearing a jacket, fleece vest, etc.  Then I like to keep the car keys there.

Pepper Spray

A new addition to my EDC, I have just started carrying Sabre Red MK 6 clipped to my left pocket (or deeper in pocket, depending on venue).  This is something I like to get into my support hand in “transition zones” like parking lots, pumping gas, etc., just in case.


My well-worn Streamlight ProTac 1L is typically carried in my left side pocket.  I do not usually clip it to my pocket, just sink it deep.  I will occasionally instead carry my Fenix PD35 in place of this (movie theaters or when I know I will be out after dark), but I must confess to liking the smaller size of the ProTac.  Notice that it is wrapped in paracord with the central white fibers removed.  This allows me to wear the flashlight around my neck to facilitate opening doors, etc., without having to pocket the light, something I learned in the CSAT Advanced Individual Tactics class with Paul Howe (see here).

Blow-Out Kit

I carry a larger blow out kit in my EDC bag.  On my person, I like to carry a flat-folded SOFTT-Wide Tourniquet, typically worn in my left side cargo pocket.

Phone (not shown)

My smart phone is usually carried in that same left-side cargo pocket with my tourniquet.  It is not visible in any photos because I used it to take the photos.

Other than a watch worn on my wrist (Casio G-Shock, the model number of which escapes me) and a paracord bracelet (carried as much for its cool aesthetics as any utility it might provide) worn on the opposite wrist, the above rounds out my EDC gear.  I continue to explore other options, tweaking things from time to time.  As noted, I will also make “adjustments” depending on my environment.

I hope this article was useful, and please feel free to make comments/suggestions in the comments section below.  Also, please note that a few of the links above are to our Amazon affiliate link, and we welcome and appreciate any support you might provide.  Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “My Kinda-Sorta EDC

  1. Clear, complete and concise article; just like I like it. Your EDC is very similar to mine, I finally got around to making a topic on EDC’s, seems like everyone that discusses these things has one, must be an implied requirement these days. 🙂
    I like your choices, I do consider eye protection (even if ‘just’ sunglasses) and hearing protection (at a minimum ear plugs) part of my EDC. I also carry a pair of glove (any with some grip), and in a pinch even a pair of good nitrile gloves will suffice (mine are 9mm thick, and weigh almost nothing). My current favorite belt is by Alonso Defense, specifically their Emissary V3 belt. Although I think they were better off keeping the tapered tip, I like it much better on my V2 belt, but otherwise their other improvements are good. For holster, I’m partial to FIST, Inc, they are small custom shop, but I think I’ll make my own sometime in the future. Too many holsters to count… LOL.

    When I’m out and about, I also often wear a hat, depending on weather, but there’s some tips there too. I consider footwear very important, traction under most any condition, from grass to office building floors; anything grips on carpet and asphalt.

    Maybe what I don’t wear is as important as what to wear, for example I wouldn’t wear a 550 cord bracelet in public, or a ‘shoot’em all’ t-shirt. In the right venue I might wear a patriotic hat/shirt or sport a ‘tactical pen’, mostly just as a conversation starter.

    I keep very good first-aid (emphasis on trauma) kit in my vehicle, and at home, and tourniquet at work as well as often carrying one, but not always. I’ve trained with all of them (key!), but reduced myself to most likely only having a SWAT-T closest at hand. It’s the least expensive, requires no training, has multi-purposes, and it can double as an exercise band, ha!

    Pepper spray helps distinguish friend from foe; for example if you are forced to spray someone and they keep coming, it looks a lot better in court to show that you really tried to not have to shoot them. I like a smaller, more stealthy pepper-spray that I think we have talked about before in person. If not, I’ll show you someday soon, just ask.

    As far as gun goes, I’m partial to 9mm, and two guns are better than one. I’ve had quality guns physically break on me during competition and training, so something to think about and train with.

    Know your knife laws, carry the best knife possible (generally a fixed blade) within those limits. Make sure you can deploy it under stress (i.e. a fight) flawlessly and instantly; most folders don’t meet this requirement. I know you have the knife department down. I consider a knife an everyday utility tool, and a last ditch ‘get them off me’ device.

    We have topics on gun belts, knives, and several of these things you discuss, please check them out:


    1. Patriot1,

      Thanks for the comment. My EDC is always evolving. I tend to not add to it (I’ve probably eliminated a few things), but things get replaced as I find things that work better for me. I’ve got a new TQ holder that I’ll soon be posting about, for example.

      Regarding eyepro, , I wear glasses anyway, so they provide a modicum of protection in everyday life. And I always wear sturdy footwear (flipflops are for the pool/the beach) and often wear a cap.



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