Are You a Gunfighter?

As readers of the blog know, I regularly listen to Ballistic Radio. The latest episode featured an interview with John “Chappy” Chapman. While the entire interview is good, the last 3-4 minutes are pure podcast gold. A few of Chapman’s comments in particular really resonated with me and validated all the time and money I’ve spent on training, and at the same time reinforced the title of this blog.

(My apologies if I’ve misinterpreted the punctuation in the following quotes.)

“So, if you carry a gun, you are a gunfighter, period. End of discussion. You do not have to be compensated…” 

“If you carry a gun for the purpose of defending yourself, you are a gunfighter. That comes with responsibility…”

– John “Chappy” Chapman

Good stuff, and my sentiments exactly! While he probably has no idea that this blog even exists, Chapman’s comments succinctly state our mission here at the blog, and I was glad to hear it stated by a respected professional.

Whether you look at the recent terrorist activities in NYC and NJ, or at the knife wielding terrorist in MN that was stopped by a good guy with a gun, the reality is clear. If evil finds you, will you be ready?

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