New Additions to my EDC

I love it when my mail carrier delivers some goodness!  Armed with a gift card from Amazon (courtesy of the parents of one of my students last year), and with some money sitting in my PayPal account from some items I had recently sold, I decided to add to/upgrade my Everyday Carry (EDC) gear.  What […]

Equipment Review – 2016: a sight odyssey…

My recent experiences in multiple pistol classes and my aging eyesight have resulted in somewhat of a personal odyssey in finding sights that I like and that also work well for me. In short, I’ve been disappointed with my accuracy despite frequent practice and I’ve also been compelled to adapt to progressive lenses in my eyeglasses due to […]

The Fallacy of Secure Areas

Regular readers of this blog no doubt fall into the “let’s mock the gun-free-zone concept after another mass shooting in a gun-free-zone” camp.  Since we are all probably on the same page when it comes to such zones, there’s no need to beat that dead horse (at least not today).  Instead, I wanted to talk […]