Excellent Advice Over at “the street standards” Blog… Check it out!

I don’t teach hardly at all anymore, but for a few years I considered teaching a seminar titled “Moving From IDPA to Survival Shooting”. The idea being that if you shoot IDPA (or almost any competitive venue) you were already good enough at pure shooting, but that you needed to work on more than just […]

via Nine easy-peasy, no-cost ways to make your practice street-relevant — the street standards

The linked post on another blog caught my attention today… it’s really good advice from Ralph Mroz over at “the street standards” blog. I don’t shoot competition (yet), but the concepts are applicable to anyone that carries a pistol for self-defense. I’m happy to report that I’ve at least thought about all of his suggestions and often practice most of the nine things he suggests. As one example, for at least the past two years, I have done all of my pistol work from concealment. All of it. EVERYTHING. Classes, training, range sessions, dry-fire, all from concealment. Likewise, we’ve discussed shooting and replacing your carry ammo periodically here on the blog before. In fact, I believe that Robert and I have touched on most of the other ideas in one form or another in our writing here. His final suggestion is not only a useful practice, but also a lot of challenging fun (or at least I think it is)! Good stuff! Check it out at the link above and incorporate his suggestions into your training program if you’re serious about carrying a gun.

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