I don’t need to know how to kill people faster

This article largely echoes my thoughts in the two articles I penned for the Civilian Gunfighter blog about Instructor Pedigrees. Always consider your own personal “mission” and whether or not the topics covered by the course and the instructor are congruent with that mission.

However, I would caution against discarding out of hand the notion of training with some of these “ex-Tier One” types. A glance at our recommended books will show my brief review of the book “Relentless Strike” by Sean Naylor. In it, he outlines many occasions where such operators worked in plain clothes, not relying on M4 or HK carbines as their primary weapon systems. Along these lines, a course like Mike Pannone’s “Covert Carry” class, which John and I both took (both AARs are here on the blog) is highly applicable to the life of a civilian practicing concealed carry.

I also have to echo that Paul Howe is awesome! John trained with him once several years ago, and AARs of both the courses I took with him are here on the blog.–Robert

the street standards

There are now quite a few ex-mil guys, with tons of real-world two-way range experience, many from what we now call “Tier 1 SF groups”, teaching to the public.  That their wisdom and the lessons of their experience is freely available to citizens is a uniquely American prerogative, and we should all be grateful.  We should all avail ourselves of what they have to say, and closely consider their advice regarding…well, everything gunfight-related.

And we should put that information through these five filters:

  1. These guys are not you and not me.  They are young, for one thing, and in peak condition.  They are the beneficiaries of decades of the very best, full-time training that American tax dollars can buy, not to mention the millions of rounds that they’ve been able to expend.  On top of all that they are the product of a world-class selection process and they possess talents…

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