Credit Where Credit is Due: Benchmade Customer Service

My new Griptilian (tan handle, left) next to my older Griptilian with new blade.

This will be a brief article and serve as just a positive shout-out to Benchmade’s “LifeSharp” customer service.  I do not regard Benchmade knives as super-expensive, certainly not in the range of some of the custom or semi-custom knife makers out there.  But they seem to put out quality products with desirable features at reasonable prices.

Regular readers of the blog are no doubt aware that a Benchmade Griptilian has been part of my Every Day Carry (EDC) for over a year.  I started out with a combination edge model, but recently purchased a plain edge model (as outlined here).  Overall, I really like the Griptilian.  It has a strong axis-locking mechanism, fits my hand well, and, as I have just discovered, is backed up with excellent customer service.

With the plain-edge Griptilian that I purchased a few months ago included as part of my EDC, I was going to send my combo-edge model back to Benchmade to take advantage of their LifeSharp service.  This service allows you to print out a form to send in with your Benchmade knife to have the knife sharpened.  However, I also saw that they will replace the blade (if necessary, or at customer request) for a $40 fee.  Feeling that it might be nice to have two identical knives (two is one, one is none), I emailed the Benchmade service department asking if I had to replace the blade with the same type it came with, or if I could replace the combo-edge with the plain-edge.

Within one day, I received a reply in the affirmative.  I printed out the order form, wrote out what I wanted (existing black combo-edge blade replaced with black plain-edge blade), and referenced the order number provided in the email response I had received (along with the name of the customer service representative who emailed me).   I put the knife inside the original small box in which it had come over a year ago, placed that inside of a larger box, and mailed it to Benchmade.

Two days later I received an email confirming receipt of the blade by Benchmade.  Five days later, I got an email notification that the blade had shipped to me, complete with tracking information.  Thirteen days after this entire process began, I received my Griptilian.  In addition to replacing the combo-edge blade with a plain-edge one, they also replaced all springs, the thumb stud, the pivot, all washers and screws.  The knife was also cleaned, inspected, adjusted, and oiled as needed.  Total cost to me was the $40 for the blade replacement plus the shipping to Benchmade, which was around $5.

Needless to say, I am quite pleased with the level of service I received from Benchmade.  A new Griptilian typically costs around $110, but the knowledge that it is backed up by such a well-run service department makes it worth much more than that to me.  So, thank you Benchmade for giving my Griptilian second life, and I look forward to keeping it handy for years to come.

Do you have any customer service kudos or horror stories you would like to share?  Please comment below or on our Facebook page.  As always, thanks for reading.

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