How Eating Ice Cream Can Make You A Better Shot!


Made you look!  Just so no one thinks we’re creating “fake news” here on the blog, I want to be clear from the get-go that I know of no research, study, or story claiming that eating ice cream can make you shoot better. None.  Zero.  Got it?

I love ice cream and occasionally overindulge.  If eating ice cream made me a better shot, I would be a world champion shooter.  Alas, ice cream does not make us better shooters (and I am not a world champion shooter).

Instead, I would say that something akin to the opposite is true (not exactly sure what the opposite of eating ice cream is, mind you, so just bear with me).  I just wanted to write this article to remind everyone—me included—that the best way to get better at something is to actually do it.  It is easy to read articles and books, listen to interviews and podcasts, and watch instructional videos describing how to shoot better.  Likewise, I can do dedicated Dry Practice at home, use laser training devices like a SIRT Pistol, maybe play around with airsoft, etc.  As useful as these tools and techniques are for many of us, the fact is that the best way to improve at shooting is to actually shoot.

I was motivated to write this “reminder” article due to my most recent trip to the range.  As I alluded to in my article here, my live-fire practice regimen has been greatly reduced in recent months.  This unfortunate state of affairs has several causes:  my kids’ new schedule as they have started “real” school, other family issues, demands at work, a nearly month-long “stomach bug”, holiday travel, lack of motivation due to the crappy ranges nearby, and just general laziness.  Though I have been fairly diligent in my dry practice (dry fire and various firearm manipulations:  reloads, stoppages, etc.), I had not shot any of my firearms in longer than I would care to admit–especially for a co-founder of a blog called “Civilian Gunfighter”!

Accordingly, and not surprisingly, I was displeased with my most recent range performance.  I suppose that, considering how long I had been “away”, it wasn’t THAT bad.  Still, I expect more from myself, and the only way for that expectation to be realized is to “do the work”. 

This year I really need to spend more time at the range and plan on revisiting the fundamentals, particularly my grip and trigger control.  So, while I will continue to attend classes (and write AARs) as I had been doing, I must make a stronger commitment to spend more time at the range.  I continue to explore options for private ranges that will allow me to practice the type of drills that I cannot practice at my local public range. 

So, I hope this reminder to me will also be a call to you.  Don’t look for the magic “pill” that will make you a better shooter.  It’s not ice cream, potato chips, multi-vitamins, or marijuana.  Do the work!  I’ll be doing it, too!

P.S.  If any of our readers finds a study linking ice cream consumption with marksmanship ability, please forward the link in the comments section below or on our Facebook page!

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