My Ameriglo Customer Service Experience

I’m going to share something with our readers that no one knows (not even John….until now).

Over a year ago I wrote a review of the Ameriglo I Dot Pro sights.  I even went back to that article and updated it when I bought more sets.  Currently, ALL of my Glocks wear them (I do value consistency).  Please note that I did not declare then—nor am I declaring now—that these are the “best” sights.  I’ve come to realize that the choice of sights is a very personal one due to what we would like those sights to do, what colors we perceive best, etc.  However, over the last year and change, I have stuck with the Ameriglos and have found that they work well for me.  I would prefer a little more precision at distance, but I am finally starting to figure out how to use them at those greater distances, and I love them at distances inside of 25 yards.

The I-Dot Pros in lighted conditions

One evening in mid-June, I unloaded one of my Glock 19s and was performing some magazine exchange practice runs when I noticed something.  The tritium dot in the rear sight did not seem to be glowing.  I held the pistol at several angles and turned out the lights, and only the front sight was glowing.  The sights were just over a year old and purchased from a reputable source (Primary Arms).  I had always heard good things about Ameriglo customer service, so it was time to try it out.

I called the contact number available on the Ameriglo website and spoke with a gentleman there, Myles,  about my issue.  I told him how old my sights were, where I had purchased them, how I installed them (MGW Sight Pusher), that I had several sets and am pleased with them, etc.  He asked me to take some photos of the sights (not in the dark, just me holding the pistol in a firing grip so he could see the rear of the sights in the photo) and to email them to him.  I did so and sent the photos within the hour.  And then I waited.  And waited….

….Life intruded and I honestly forgot about the issue for a few weeks (shoulder issues, etc.).  Often I would remember to try to contact them again when I was getting ready to go to sleep, too late to call.  Finally, I remembered to call and spoke to Myles again.  I was nice about it, figuring my email had gotten lost in  his junk email or the like.  He said he still had my name written down but had not seen an email, and asked me to resend it.  I did so.  Within two hours I received an email with shipping instructions and a code Return Authorization Number to include.  I sent the rear sight and in less than a week had either a new or repaired (I cannot tell if it is the same one) rear sight back in my possession!  All it cost me was the shipping to Ameriglo.  The new rear sight is nice and bright, has been installed, and seems good to go.  I do wish an explanation about what happened with the rear sight I returned was included, but in the end I really do not care.  I am just happy to have a working rear sight.

Much better now!

All too often, we hear about negative customer service experiences, so I thought I would share a positive one.  The only negative about the entire interaction was that it took so long from initial contact, but that is my own fault for not following through (other than the email that got lost on its way to Myles, he had no way to contact me).  Overall, I am happy with the level of service I received, and so I continue to recommend Ameriglo as a company that makes a quality product, and can now add that they back it up. 

As always, thanks for reading.  If you have any questions about this experience or comments describing some of your own positive or negative customer service experiences, please share below or on our Facebook page.

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