Target Barn and Upcoming Ammo Evaluations

Earlier this year, a representative from Target Barn reached out to us here at the blog asking if we would be interested in doing an ammunition evaluation. As our communication progressed, I learned that Target Barn had recently started carrying ammunition for sale in addition to their long standing business of supplying targets and shooting accessories. In short, they are looking to get the word out that they now carry ammunition. I must confess, prior to being contacted by Target Barn, they weren’t on my radar. So perhaps they do need a little more exposure! I am humbled that the staff at Target Barn wanted to support our efforts here at the blog, and I agreed to do a write up of my experience of ordering some ammunition from them. In the interests of full disclosure, Target Barn did provide me with a one time gift code to use at checkout. Beyond that, I have no affiliation with them at this time and my opinion remains my own.

I had to think for a while about what I could write that might actually be useful to our readers and germane to the blog’s stated purpose. I was initially a bit confused about doing an ammunition evaluation, since technically Target Barn is a distributor of ammunition, not a manufacturer of ammunition (so far as I know). Eventually, I decided on a three pronged approach. First, since we all need ammo for training and practice, this post is going to be a simple evaluation of my experience in dealing with their online storefront and ordering system. Next, I am going to be writing two ammunition evaluations that I hope may be illustrative to our readers. For one, I’m going to zero my carbines with Prvi Partizan .223 loadings that I ordered form Target Barn that are advertised as being relatively close to M193 and M855, and then I’m going to see how those zeroes hold up against other commercial examples of M193 and M855 that I have on hand. I’ll go into my thought process with this more in the actual article that will be forthcoming. I’m also planning to compare various law enforcement and military specific buckshot loads shot out of my new 870P SBS as soon as my tax stamp comes back (I expect it soon…). I also intend to compare the pellet spread of 8 pellet vs 9 pellet buck, and it should go without saying that patterning a new home defense shotgun is of paramount importance.

So far, my experience in dealing with Target Barn has been positive, on par with other online retailers that I’ve used. By way of comparison, I’ve shopped with at least four other online ammunition retailers that I can think of while supporting my shooting habit. While Target Barn obviously carries a lot more than just ammunition, I am going to be focusing my experience on their ammunition offerings. They don’t have everything, but they do have a good selection of popular calibers in pistol, rifle, shotgun, and rimfire. I don’t exactly have a lot of wildcat calibers, but the only things in my safe that I couldn’t feed from their available selection are my 6.5 Creedmoor, .30-30, and .30-06 hunting rifles. I did like that it was possible to sort ammunition by price, and that there are several drop down menus to filter search results according to what you’re looking for. Whoever designed their website did a good job.

I happen to live in a state that has enacted some rather draconian legal requirements to buy ammunition at the point of sale. Accordingly, there are a few online retailers that simply won’t ship to my address. Others, Target Barn among them, allow purchasers in anti-gun jurisdictions to upload the necessary credentials required to have ammunition shipped directly to them. I created an account and uploaded my driver’s license and pistol permit late one evening, and received notification of approval of those documents the next morning. Later that evening, I placed my ammunition order. The shopping cart on the website is easy to navigate and update, and there is an option to estimate shipping on your order by choosing either UPS or FedEx. The next day (before noon!), I received a shipping notification email. That’s pretty efficient if you ask me. The ammunition was on my doorstep four days later. I should note that I could have also created an account and ordered ammunition and then uploaded my credentials to complete my order, but the method outlined above worked well for me and my hectic schedule.

In addition to ammunition, targets, and the other shooting accessories that Target Barn carries, they also host the “Broad Side Blog.” There’s not a lot of content up there yet, but I recognized one of the contributing authors from multiple interviews on podcasts, Annette Evans, whose name some of you may know from her own blog “Beauty Behind the Blast.”

So if you are looking for ammunition, targets, or other shooting supplies, I can recommend Target Barn as a good place to check out. Stay tuned for my upcoming ammunition evaluations involving the ammunition that I ordered.

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