2017 Blog Report

In this, what should be the last of the “this is what happened in 2017” posts, I thought I would take just a few minutes and outline for our readers a summary of how we faired in 2017.


I took this photo off the computer screen:


Though I’m hesitant to put up the raw numbers (I will say we’re beyond counting “thousands”), I did want our readers to see how the blog has grown in readership since its inception.  In this chart, the lighter portion of each bar of the bar graph represents “views”, while the darker portion of each bar represents “visitors”.  It’s tough to compare 2015 to 2016 because we did not start the blog until May of 2015 (making the blog’s “2015” only about a half-year).  The more impressive comparison in my mind is from our first full calendar year, 2016, to 2017.  Here, we nearly doubled our numbers in both views and visitors.  Our hope is that as our readers continue to share our articles, the blog will continue to grow at or near the current rate. 

Most Popular Articles

For those curious, I thought I would highlight our ten most popular articles of 2017:

1.  “The Run to the Store Gun”

2.  “Concealment Tricks and Tips Vol 1: Cover Shirt”

3.  “The Glock 19: The Self-Defense Pistol Against Which All Others Are Measured”

4.  “Concealment Tricks and Tips Vol 3: The Shoot-Me-Last Vest”

5.  “Equipment Review: Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon Holster”

6.  “Equipment Review: Ameriglo I Dot Pro Sights (for Glock)”

7.  “The AR Pistol as a Truck Gun”

8.  “Equipment Review: Defoor Proformance Sights”

9.  “Concealment Tricks and Tips Vol 2: Colors”

10.  “AAR: Sheriff of Baghdad (John McPhee), ‘One-Day Pistol Video Diagnostics’ Kearneysville, WV, 08/21/17”

Only half of those were actually written in 2017.  I guess this indicates a few of our articles have some staying power.  Our most popular all-time article is the above article on the Glock 19, which I actually wrote in early 2016. 

What makes the above articles so popular?  I would not necessarily say that it’s because any was particularly well-written.  Rather, those are the articles that were shared the most, especially in places like the weekly “Weekend Knowledge Dumps” on Greg Ellifritz’s Active Response Training website as well as John Correia’s Active Self Protection Facebook posts.  Thanks for sharing, guys!

I also wanted to share that John and I wrote 84 articles in 2017, which blows my mind as I sit here now and think about that.  Our goal when we started the blog in 2015 was to try to write two articles per week.  We have not been able to maintain that pace, but we still feel that it is a worthy goal.  We shall see what 2018 brings.

John and I hope that we can continue to provide worthwhile thoughts, information, and reviews so that our long-time readers will stick around.  Judging by the statistics available on our blog as well as on Facebook, we know we have gotten a lot of new followers, so we hope that all the newcomers enjoy our articles and share them widely.  I would also like to suggest our readers to, every now and then, hop on the blog and re-read an older article, or check out an article whose subject you did not at first think would interest you.  We have tried—and will continue to try—to make our blog a worthy resource for your self-defense interests. 

As always, thanks for reading.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them below or on our Facebook page, as we always welcome civil discourse.

One thought on “2017 Blog Report

  1. Great work guys. I know very well how hard it is to post substantial content on a regular basis. And like you it is exciting to see a growing readership, even if the total numbers are not as large as many other blogs or vlogs or other social media platforms out there. Here’s to continued growth in 2018!


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