Equipment Review: New Holsters for the RM380!

As I promised in this post, I am posting an update regarding my RM380 and holster selections. The little gun is still performing well for what it is, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a small .380 for concealed carry. While I am more often than not carrying a G19, there are occasions that necessitate a more discreet option, such as my RM380.

A few weeks ago, I was able to obtain some new, previously unavailable holsters for my RM380. I had heard of Aholster Company in regards to their excellent pocket holsters, but when I looked at the website, I didn’t see any options for my little blaster. However, I did discover in their FAQ’s that for guns not listed, the owner is willing to trade a holster for a Blue Gun, presumably for molding purposes. Fortunately for me, a Blue Gun example of the RM380 is available. After a brief e-mail exchange, I ordered the Blue Gun, subsequently sent it to Aholster, and received some new holsters a few weeks later. The owner of Aholster comped me a Pwii IWB holster for my RM380, and I paid for an additional pocket holster.

I’m going to discuss the pocket holster first… in short, it is a night and day comparison with the Desantis Nemesis that I had previously been using. I actually stopped using the Nemesis after it exited my pocket with the gun a few too many times in training. I have yet to experience the same with the Aholster when drawing from a pants pocket. Even if the holster does stay on the gun when drawn, as happened to me only once when I was drawing from a loose fleece jacket pocket, the holster is easy to hook with a finger and pull off with the support hand. The Aholster Pocket Holster is made entirely of Kydex, and is contoured to the leg according to which side you wear it on. In addition, there are hooks molded into the holster that catch on the pocket fabric during the draw to disengage the pistol from the holster. I like the pocket holster so much that I have already ordered a similar Aholster for my Ruger LCR (a Pocket Backbone Holster from their revolver lineup).



As you can see in the photos, it’s debatable exactly how well I can conceal a pistol in my jeans pocket, but I think it could easily be mistaken as a front pocket wallet or cellphone by most of society. Looking directly down at my pants it seems terribly obvious, but less so in photos, especially when I’m wearing cargo pants. No doubt pleated pants or khakis might yield even better results (and be more typical of my attire when I might actually pocket carry), but the fact that I can pull off pocket carry at all with this holster speaks volumes. I don’t necessarily think I’m an adequate model for pocket holsters anyway, as my small stature and commensurately small pockets don’t leave much room in my pockets. Nonetheless, I find the holster to be quite comfortable, I can easily get a full firing grip on my pistol in my pocket, and it performs exceedingly well when drawing my pistol from my pocket. In short, this little piece of Kydex has revitalized my opinion on pocket carry.

I also wanted a way to carry the little gun behind the hip, either as a primary, or as a second gun. Accordingly, I requested the Pwii Holster that Aholster makes specifically for small automatics. The holster ships with a clip attachment, as well as a solid loop. While the clip allows the holster to “float” a bit, I almost immediately installed the more secure solid loop. The holster is well built, with adjustable retention and cant appropriate for IWB behind the hip carry.


Although I have no way to verify this, recently I heard the claim on a podcast that Remington has so far sold around 200,000 examples of the RM380. I remain convinced that the little gun is a sleeper and a keeper. For those of you that may share my opinion, you now have some additional holster options! In looking at the Aholster website, I see that the RM380 has been added to the availability list for many of the holster models. Even if you don’t have an RM380, I am very comfortable recommending Aholster as a source for quality Kydex gear, especially their pocket holsters.

Thanks for reading, and as always, questions or comments are welcome.

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