A Couple of New Books…

Usually when Robert or I read a good book that is relevant to our commentary here at the blog, we add it to the Recommended Books list. Either Robert or I will be doing that for two more soon, but I thought both of them worthy of a somewhat more in-depth review here.

First up, Varg Freeborn’s “Violence of Mind.” I had heard Freeborn interviewed on various podcasts prior to the book’s release, and was interested enough to order a copy when it was recently published. In my opinion, this is a must read, not only because of the author’s background, but also because it challenges many preconceived notions and concepts prevalent in the training industry. For those that may not be familiar, Freeborn is a former felon that has had his rights restored by the courts. He grew up in a very violent environment that would be foreign to many law abiding citizens and spent five years in prison after stabbing a man 23 times in self-defense. Since his release, he has become an established mindset and firearms instructor. I’m probably going to have to travel for it, but I intend to train with Varg Freeborn at some point either this year or next. As of this writing, his book is available directly from his website in paperback, or on Amazon as a Kindle Edition. I strongly suggest that you read it if you are serious about the safety of you and your family. Of all the books I have read about criminal mindset and self-defense, this one has been the most sobering and the most thought provoking.

Next, Ed Mireles has recently published a personal account of his experiences as an FBI agent involved in the 1986 Miami Firefight. Agent Mireles was the one that ultimately ended the firefight by decisively killing Platt and Matix after being grievously injured in the initial gun battle. The book is not only a very readable memoir, but also a study of lessons learned, brotherhood, and the will to fight. Mireles’ descriptions of his perceptions during the gun battle are gut wrenching and enlightening for students of armed combat, and his advice based on his experience is invaluable. There is one concise paragraph in the conclusion of the book that should be gospel for those of us that carry guns, no matter whether armed citizen or law enforcement. As an aside, John Murphy of FPF Training is hosting Mireles for an interactive lecture in Virginia later this year, and I’m seriously giving thought to driving down to attend after reading his book. You can order a copy of the book on Mireles’ website. I’ve got my copy, I suggest you get yours!

Readers will note that both of the books above are signed copies… I don’t know either author, but ordering direct from the source is how I acquired both signed. The link to the Kindle Edition of Freeborn’s book is an Amazon Affiliate link, should you wish to support our efforts here at the blog.

As always, thanks for reading! Follow us here at the blog or on our social media sites, and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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