My Third IDPA Match of 2018

This past weekend I was able to once again get away for a few hours and shoot my third IDPA match of the year (fourth match overall…I shot a carbine match and two prior IDPA matches, here and here).  Much like the last match in which I participated, this was a fun, challenging match with most stages incorporating at least one moving target.  This was a two-day match with some participants shooting one day or the other, with a few shooting both days (sometimes in two different divisions).  Counting those who competing twice as separate “people”, there were 36 competitors overall.

Equipment and Preparation

As I did for my last match, I chose to shoot this match in the Concealed Carry Pistol (CCP) division.  This would mean I would have to load my magazines with no more than 8 rounds each.  I chose to shoot in CCP so that I could shoot the Classifier stage in CCP, which is more forgiving in terms of the time constraints.  I also chose to shoot in CCP because I would be shooting my newly stippled third generation Glock 19 (more on this at a later date).  It is equipped with Ameriglo I Dot Pro sights and a Glock 17 smooth-faced trigger.  I used my Ares Enhanced Aegis belt with a still relatively new holster (review coming soon) and my no-name kydex double magazine pouch.  Since this is a lost-brass affair, I chose to shoot Blazer Aluminum 115 grain FMJ ammunition.  I shot 120 rounds in the match and suffered no malfunctions

The Stages

As has been the new routine, we began with a scored “warm-up” stage that was the only limited stage of the match.  This was a simple stage that was quick to run through.  From what I believe was about 7 yards, we were presented with two targets side-by-side (one a little taller than the other).  On the beep, we had to step to the right over a foot-fault line and shoot one target four times in the body and twice in the head, then step back to where we started while executing a slide-lock reload and shoot the second target four times to the body and twice to the head.  I started this match on fire, finishing this stage second overall in 9.83 seconds and zero points down.

Unfortunately, that would be the end of the glory days for me!  I actually shot the match quite accurately, perhaps a personal best for me.  I finished the entire match only down 3 points!  However, some poorly timed reloads, some make-up shots that weren’t really necessary but cost me time, and some hits on “non-threats” cost me a quality final score.

Stage Two involved running forward about 5 yards and shooting a pair of target with a failure drill, then shooting around a barricade, and finally shooting a couple of targets through a “window” and another pair on the far side of a wall.  In shooting through the “window”, I clipped my first “non-threat” of the day, getting my hit onto that target by about ½ inch!  I finished that stage 22nd overall.

Stage Three for me involved drawing the pistol from a briefcase inside of which were also our loaded magazines.  This stage also included a moving target and at least one “non-threat” target.  It also required the briefcase to move with us as we moved (we could set it down as needed, but would need to pick it up again as we moved….I guess there were some precious files inside!).   This stage went better for me and I finished 9th overall (had I not taken a late make-up shot on this stage I would have probably finished 7th or 8th).

“Yo homie, is that my briefcase?”

Stage Four included some shots from the seated position on a close proximity target as well as on some steel popper targets about 18 yards away.  We then had to run around a bit engaging a few more targets, at least one of which was again through a “window”.  Once again, I ever so slightly clipped a non-threat, dropping me from what would have been 14th place down to 18th

The next stage was a particularly fun one, as we got to shoot the entire stage strong-hand only from a seated position on a commode!  This stage also included a moving target.  This turned out to be the only stage I did not shoot cleanly (not counting those non-threat hits on other stages), finishing down 3 points and in 14th position overall.

Always be armed….

Stage 6 was a doozy!  This was the “air marshal” stage.  Here, we were presented with 3 rows of 3 targets each (one non-threat in each row) representing bad guys on a plane.  On the buzzer, we had to stab with a pen a heavy bag (representing a bad guy an air marshal was escorting), retrieve the air marshal’s pistol, and engage each target in the rows behind with two to the body and one to the head.  With the targets arrayed as they were, I found it difficult to get my hits without ending up with shoot-throughs on non-threats, and clipped one of the non-threats twice.  Some more planning on this stage would have helped me a LOT!  I finished this stage in 19th place overall.

The “air marshal” stage

The final stage involved an attempted carjacking, where we had to shoot at some up-close targets, then a piece of steel that would activate a mover, and finally bail out of the car and engage two more threats at about 9 yards distance.  Here, I mistimed one of my reloads (all because I missed the steel popper with my first shot, which then messed up my order of shots for the rest of the stage), which probably cost me 4-5 seconds.  I finished this stage 18th overall.

Final Results

I finished the match 17th overall out of the 36 participants.  Only four participants shot in the CCP division, and of them I finished third.  I was one hit on a non-threat away from finishing second in CCP, and two non-threat hits away from winning it.  Oh well.    

Final Thoughts

I can take a lot of positives away from this match.  I shot VERY accurately, finishing the entire match down only 3 points (all on one stage), which has to be a new record for me, and the hits on non-threats were due to rushed shots on two occasions and poor planning on the “air marshal” stage that cost me twice.  Take away the non-threat hits and I would have finished 9th overall.  I really liked all the stages of this match and hope a few make future appearances at the club.  I had a great time and got some quality trigger-time in.  One note:  an unusual feature of this match was that four of the seven stages required the participant to retrieve their pistol from a location other than his or her holster.  Any fears a regular AIWB carrier might have about developing “muscle memory” when drawing from the strong-side hip are moot when you only draw three times the entire match.  One final note:  it turned out that there was no short Classifier stage at this match, so I did not get to try to achieve Expert on this day.  

As always, thanks for reading.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them below or on our Facebook page, as we always welcome civil discourse.  I can also be reached at

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