2019: Training Goals

As I have done each of the last several years, I thought it would be a good idea to list for our readers some of my personal training (and other) goals for the new year.  I do this partially as a preview for our followers but also as a check on myself.  I believe that physically writing down goals helps me to at least attempt–if not achieve–the goals, and it also allows me to compare notes at year’s end to see what I achieved.


Formal Training

As noted in this article, I reached a new high in 2018 with nine classes attended.  Barring some unexpected windfall of cash, I think it is safe to say at this point that I will not match that number this year.  So far, I am registered for three events in 2019.  The first of these will be the Rangemaster Tactical Conference in March in New Orleans (John will be attending as well).  I skipped 2018 so am looking forward to attending some excellent seminars.  The second event on my current schedule is the Rangemaster (Tom Givens) Advanced Handgun Instructor course.  This was not really on my radar a year ago, but given my success in the Three Day Instructor course, it just seems like a logical progression.  This will be hosted in Virginia by John Murphy of FPF Training.  The third course in which I am already enrolled is Vehicle Close Quarters Battle with William Petty of Centrifuge Training.  This class will be held in Ohio, and is representative of the direction in which much of my future training will probably go. 

As of this writing, these are the only events for which I am currently enrolled.  I plan to add at least two more classes to the schedule for the year, most likely a one-day shotgun class and the other, assuming it happens, will be more akin to the aforementioned VCQB course.  If I can swing any others in terms of money and my schedule, then of course I will do so.  Four to six classes/events seems to be the most likely scenario.


I shot four matches in 2016, five in 2017, and six in 2018.  So I shall make it a goal to shoot in at least seven matches in 2019.  These will most likely be IDPA matches, but if the carbine match I shot last year is offered again and works with my schedule, then I will try to add that.  I have also recently learned of some two-gun matches happening fairly close by, so I may attempt one (or more) of them for something a little different.

In 2018 I achieved my goal of making it to “Expert” classification in IDPA.  I will look to maintain that in 2019 and improve in my final standings at local matches in both the overall as well as my division choice of the day.  I would like to improve my overall consistency.


I recently started doing some strength training again.  I plan to keep at it along with the longer distance runs (about four miles per run).  I have been considering running a half-marathon in 2019 (I did one in 2013), but am not sure I can devote the training time.  I would also like to work in a “sprint day” once per week and do some other fitness activities akin to circuit training/crossfit-type exercises to improve my functional fitness.  We shall see.

Informal Practice

I plan to renew my range membership in 2019.  I feel like I benefited greatly from having a membership in 2018, as it allowed me to practice draw and fire (from appendix!) at the range, working on an assortment of well-known drills.  With another instructor class upcoming this year, I need to maintain my practice regimen to help ensure that I pass the course.

I also mentioned in my year-in-review article last week about my participation in a new-to-me training group that meets monthly.  Within this group I have met others of like-mind and MIGHT be able to start some sort of integrated combatives program with the help of some other area trainers who specialize in this type of thing.  At this point, our plans in this regard are really just in their infancy, but I am at least a bit hopeful.  In the meantime, the group provides me a monthly range day where I can shoot handguns out to 50 yards, shoot and move, and shoot any of my firearms (handguns, carbines, AR Pistols, SBR, shotguns, etc.) all on one range.  I may also get the chance to participate in some more dynamic drills (think along the lines of some of Pat McNamara’s as featured in numerous YouTube videos).  We shall see.

Blog Stuff

As John mentioned in this recent article, he was very busy in 2018 with moving and having two very young ones at home.  My time is also limited, and there is no doubt that we slacked a bit when it came to adding new content to the blog.  Hopefully, we can both get back to being a little bit more productive in adding new articles.  I currently have several in-progress articles and reviews, so I feel like we are at least starting out with the best of intentions.  We will see how the year progresses.

Final Thoughts

That is really about it.  I would like to add some other components to my training this year in order to help make me a bit more well-rounded.  Of course, time and money become the key limiting factors in these endeavors, so I have no idea how the best-laid plans will turn out.  But I’ll keep everyone posted.

As always, thanks for reading.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them below or on our Facebook page, as we always welcome civil discourse.  I can be reached privately at civiliangunfighter.robert@gmail.com.

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