You Gotta Pay to Play: 2019 Edition


Happy Holidays to all of our readers!

Each of the last few years (see here, here, and here) I have written an article along these lines.  Frankly, I mostly write these articles for myself, as I find it interesting (and somewhat depressing) to see how much I spent on classes and competitive matches over the course of the year.  Without further ado…

In 2019, I downshifted a bit and attended six classes:

  1. The Rangemaster Tactical Conference
  2. Practically Tactical Listener Shoothouse Class
  3. Vehicle Close-Quarters Battle with Centrifuge Training
  4. Advanced Handgun with KR Training
  5. Shotgun Skills with FPF Training
  6. Home Defense Shotgun with FPF Training

I spent a combined $1762.00 on tuition for these classes.  I was fortunate that Tim Chandler of FPF Training invited me to take his Home Defense Shotgun class for free, reducing by $200 how much I might otherwise have spent.

Unlike last year, however, I incurred more travel expenses this year.  I flew to and from New Orleans for the Rangemaster Tactical Conference, and I stayed at hotels for that conference for 4 nights.  I spent an additional 3 nights in hotels for the Practically Tactical Listener Shoothouse Class and 2 more nights for the Centrifuge Training VCQB course, for a total of 9 nights in hotel rooms.  I was able to split some of those costs with John, but it still added up to quite a bit of money for travel expenses.

The above classes added up to about 102 hours of instruction, which brings my lifetime total up to about 626 hours.

 I fired a total of 1,457 rounds during those classes.  By comparison, I shot over 4,000 in classes last year.  However, I should note here that two of my classes this year were shotgun courses, and there are not many of those in which the participants shoot 500 shells per day!  Also, the nature of some of the classes (shoothouse, for example) meant that they were not a “hose fest”.


Despite my goals for this year, I only managed to shoot in four IDPA matches this year.  The matches cost $20 each, for a total of $80.  I shot a combined 493 rounds during these four matches.

Final Thoughts

If you prefer to have all math done for you, I spent a total of $1,841 on classes and matches and fired a total of 1,950 rounds in those classes and matches.  I will note here that I fired over 7,000 rounds in all in 2019, so most of my shooting was done practicing on my own or as part of the training group of which I am a member.

Stay tuned for my 2019 year-in-review article, which covers my training year in greater detail (not just the numbers).

As always, thanks for reading.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them below or on our Facebook page, as we always welcome civil discourse.  I can be reached privately at

5 thoughts on “You Gotta Pay to Play: 2019 Edition

    1. Suited Shootist,

      Notice I didn’t add up how much $ I spent on ammunition. Obviously I can do a rough estimate, but some things are better left unexplored.

      Thanks for the comment!



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