White Settlement, TX Church Shooting Commentary…

There’s not much more I can say about the latest attack on a congregation that hasn’t already been said, and it’s not even been a full 24 hours yet. I refer of course to the lone gunman who opened fire in a White Settlement, TX church and was quickly and definitively put down by an armed good guy on scene after getting only two shots off with a shotgun. The video is still circulating throughout social media, and I have linked to John Correia’s excellent initial commentary on the incident below. The video is graphic, but there are several noteworthy lessons and takeaways to be gleaned.

My own initial observations, in no particular order:

  • Carry your gun everywhere you legally can. Even in places of worship.
  • Take Tom Givens’ advice to heart. If you carry a gun, get used to the idea that you carry it for a reason and you may have to use it.
  • The first gentleman that was shot was apparently trying to retrieve a concealed firearm, but it was too little too late. I don’t know that there was much opportunity for movement where he was standing (in fact, he did move, from seated to standing…), but a quick and efficient drawstroke is requisite to carrying a concealed firearm. Where and how you carry that firearm matters. Small of the back carry is not ideal for any number of reasons, efficiency being the relevant one here. Nonetheless, I commend his bravery and willingness to fight.


  • I don’t know the role in the congregation of the hero that stopped the gunman, but his performance was exemplary. He executed a solid draw and rapid shot on target when and where it mattered, obviously borne on deliberate practice and skill. Given the speed with which the gunman went down, I believe it was almost certainly a CNS hit. After making the shot, he began to move with the gun in a muzzle up orientation, a wise decision in this instance with innocents crouching down below eye level. This gentleman obviously had some prior training. Good work, sir!

If you find yourself in discussions with anti-gun people, take note of the fact that despite there being at least six visible armed parishioners with guns out in response to this lone gunman, only one shot was fired by a good guy and it resolved the situation in 6 seconds with only two parishioners shot by the bad guy. Things could have been far worse had the law forbidden being armed in church.

I don’t have a lot else to add, but I want to suggest a challenge to our readers… on your next trip to the range, with your everyday carry gun, everyday carry method, and everyday mode of dress, shoot Ken Hackathorn’s “Wizard Drill” cold. It only takes 5 rounds. If you can pass it, you would probably be good to go from a marksmanship standpoint in this situation. If you can’t, then it’s time to put some work in.

With that said, go watch John Correia’s commentary. He makes the relevant points far more cogently and eloquently than I can in a traditional blog post.

4 thoughts on “White Settlement, TX Church Shooting Commentary…

  1. Well said. Definitely a tragedy that could have been a lot worse with out the presence of armed citizens. The only thing I would add is that armed citizens should also train and practice for managing their muzzle in a public setting. There was quite a bit of bad muzzle management (and awareness) from several armed defenders that could have ended badly had their been a negligent discharge.

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