Got a Plan(ner)?

If you’ve ever read one of Robert’s end of year review blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that he keeps detailed track of round counts, personal performance goals, and achievements throughout the year. I have to confess I am not nearly as detailed in my record keeping, although I wish I was. Furthermore, it’s inarguable that one cannot track progress unless they measure it and record it. I’m pretty good at measuring it, but I suck at recording it.


To that end, I went out the the other day and bought an AT-A-GLANCE 2020 weekly planner. I had to look through several different options to find what I was looking for, but I eventually found a decent one. In addition to writing down my increasingly varied and frequent work commitments, I intend to document every range session, every dry fire session, and every class I take in 2020. The planner I chose conveniently has a page for notes for every week of the year, and I intend to record my results of shooting drills and qualifications every week that I go to the range. I rarely make it to the range more than once a week, so I should have plenty of room. I’m less concerned with round counts, but I may attempt to document that as well. One of the points that Robert raised in discussion is that keeping track of round counts essentially equates to using an odometer on a car to plan for routine maintenance. Alas, guns don’t have odometers!


If you’re not currently tracking your performance towards your shooting goals, then I’ll echo the sentiment expressed by almost all notable instructors and competitors and suggest that you do. I’m sure there are as many different ways to accomplish this as there are models of guns out there, but this is what I’m doing for 2020. If you don’t have a good system, than go out and buy a weekly planner!

3 thoughts on “Got a Plan(ner)?

  1. Great idea! I use Google Keep to record my goal for live- and dry-fire. I can take pictures of my targets and insert them in the note. At the range I write down my notes in a Moleskine journal, then transfer them. I’ve committed to at last three dry fire session per week and one every other week practicing with a CAT tournaquet, an Israeli Bandage, and other medical skills.


    1. That’s awesome! I must confess, I’m not sure what (a) Google Keep is… hence my reliance on an old school planner! Keep up the good work!


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