My Fifth IDPA Match of 2020

These are some of our least-read articles, but I will continue to write up at least something from each match just for my own personal reference.  And if I am going to bother to write something up, I may as well post it for all to see.

The Venue and Weather

This match was held at the “newer” of the venues at which I typically shoot.  They continue to make improvements to the bays and add other amenities to make it a bit nicer each time I return.  Weather was not an issue of any kind on this particular day; it was a beautiful day to shoot.


My usual here.  Generation 3 Glock 19 equipped with Ameriglo I-Dot Pro sights and otherwise modified as per this article.  I used a Bravo Concealment outside-the-waistband holster and my no-name kydex double magazine pouch.  I used Blazer Aluminum 124 grain ammunition. 

The Match

The match consisted of five total stages with a fair amount of movement involved in almost all of them.  I would participate in my typical Compact Carry Pistol (CCP) category, which limited me to 8 rounds per magazine (can start each stage with an extra round in the chamber unless otherwise specified). 

I need to mention here that my squad was a bit of a shit-show.  The RO for my squad screwed up the scoring by not double-checking the name of each stage before scoring the stage on the electronic scoring device (an iPad).  No one realized this until our third stage, so someone after the match had to go in and move all the data around, and I am pretty confident that a few things got messed up (honestly, probably in my favor!). There were also a few new or newer competitors in my squad. No big deal, and I was happy to tutor them a bit, but they did slow us down a bit.

Stage One

The first stage, nicknamed “Armed Antifa Thugs”, involved a bit of movement around several walls and barrels in order to engage 7 targets with two rounds each (only six targets are visible in the photo….one was behind one of the barrels).  We had to start by shooting the targets directly to our front.  I chose to shoot those first, then the ones to the left of the wall, and then double back to work the two targets to the far right.  I finished this stage 6th of 39 overall, 1st of 4 in CCP.

Stage One. Not a whole lot going on here. We started at the singular barrel and had to move forward and then to either side.

Stage Two

This stage started with us “handcuffed” behind our backs.  In the scenario, we had already picked the lock so that we still had the cuff around our strong-side wrist, dangling for the entire stage.  We had to pick up our pistols AND magazines on a barrel before us, engage two targets immediately, several more through a doorway to our left (avoiding a non-threat target in that room), and then run around the room to engage several more targets.  I finished this stage 9th of 39 overall, 1st of 4 in CCP (I struggled pocketing and later retrieving my magazines for a reload).

Stage Two. We started by the barrels on the left with firearm and magazines on the barrel.

Stage Three

This stage was ostensibly about stopping some thugs in Wal Mart, and again required a fair amount of movement as we dealt with multiple targets around down “aisles” and around “displays”.  I finished this stage 5th out of 39 overall, 2nd of 4 in CCP (gasp!).

Stage Three: Wal Mart. Lots of places for targets to “hide”.

Stage Four

Stage four was fairly tough.  It involved shooting through an asymmetric “window” at two targets, then moving down an “alley”, engaging targets down both sides as you went.  I finished this stage 11th out of 39 overall, 1st of 4 in CCP.

Stage Four. The asymmetric “window” is easily seen here, but most of the targets down the “alley” are obscured by the barrels.

Stage Five

This was the only stage that required no movement. Indeed, we shot the entire stage from a seated position behind a table.  On the buzzer, we had to shoot two pieces of steel first that activated moving non-threat targets.  Once they were moving, we had to engage the 6 targets behind the non-threats with two shots each.  This was my best stage of the day, finishing 2nd of 39 overall, 1st of 4 in CCP.

Stage Five. Pretty self-explanatory, all shots from seated behind the table in the foreground.

Final Results

I finished the match 4th of 39 overall, 1st of 4 in CCP.  According to the scoresheet I finished the match down only a single point, which I think goes back to the scorekeeping errors mentioned earlier.  My memory is that I definitely shot more than one round outside the “down-zero” over the course of the match.  Who knows?  I finished less than 2 seconds behind the third place finisher, so my crappy reload on the “handcuffed” stage probably cost me third place.  Oh well.  I shot a total of 79 rounds during this match.  The nationwide ammunition shortage is beginning to impact matches in that the match directors are starting to go with lower round-count matches. 

That’s about it. As always, thanks for reading. If you have any questions or comments, please do so below or on our Facebook page, as we always welcome civil discourse.

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