The Purge Has Begun! (At Least from our Perspective…)

Back in August of 2016, Robert wrote the following when he announced that our blog had a Facebook page, “Yes, it’s true. John and I have brought the blog into the world of Facebook, for better or worse…”

Well, it’s for the worse, LOL! This evening, for unknown reasons and without warning or provocation, both Robert’s and my personal Facebook accounts were deactivated, along with the blog’s page.

The only reason I’m upset is because I have family that live out of state that I keep up with on Facebook and my primary connection to many friends and acquaintances in the industry was via social media.

Aside from that, fuck ‘em. I’ll have more free time now and I personally was never terribly active on the platform. I had already established an account on Parler, so time will tell what becomes of that option.

For those of you that know Robert and me personally, feel free to reach out, and for the rest, we’ll still be here, albeit publishing a little less frequently given work schedules and such.

I find the timing of this interesting and telling. To paraphrase the ancient Chinese curse, we are indeed living in interesting times.

Stay safe out there folks, and remember what’s important. Facebook doesn’t make that list, at least not for me.

5 thoughts on “The Purge Has Begun! (At Least from our Perspective…)

  1. You need to leave to commie controlled platforms. Today Instagram shut down searching hashtags completely because of “potential misinformation on the election”. Leftists like being censored by there betters.

    I never put my blog on commiebook or twitter but I did recently put it on Parler and Mewe. Come on over. Hook up with me @Reflexhandgun

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  2. So sorry to hear this, guys. Totally undeserved. I have to admit the latest round of FB purges is also making me quite nervous for my personal page.


    1. David,

      Yeah, I don’t understand it. We stayed almost entirely apolitical. Didn’t buy or sell anything. Didn’t harass anyone. Didn’t pretend to be someone else. So finding it hard to understand how we “violated terms and conditions”. And there’s no recourse. No review, no one to appeal to.
      Not even a chance to explain to everyone (personal friends and our blog followers) what happened. Just vaporized. Obviously, we can rejoin under a different name/using a different email, but I’m going to wait a week or more to see how much I really “miss” social media. Really don’t feel like reestablishing all those contacts, and really don’t feel like giving Zuck another chance. We shall see….



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