You Gotta Pay to Play: 2021 Edition

Well, 2021 was a bit different than past years.  I went into the year with less of a plan than usual in terms of which classes I might take.  On the flip side, I had a definite theme to most of the classes I did take.

So, for the sixth year running (see my previous “Pay to Play” articles here, here, here, here, and here), let’s see what I spent on classes and competitive shooting in 2021.

In 2021, I took seven total classes:

1.  Kembativz Brand “ASP/Stickfighting Clinic”

2.  Kembativz Brand “Defensive Knife Clinic”

3.  Kembativz Brand “Personal Security Course”

4.  Kembativz Brand “Technical Striking”

5.  Kembativz Brand “Defensive Handgun”

6.  Defensive Elements “Who Are You With a Gun?”

7.  Kembativz Brand “Basic Combatives”

I spent a total of $1400 on the above classes.  Catching all the classes with Kembativz Brand on sale definitely helped keep the total down quite a bit.  The above classes added up to 74 hours of training, which brings my lifetime total up to about 762 hours.

Though I do not typically log my travel expenses, a rough guesstimate can be made with the following information.  I stayed a total of 6 nights in hotels for these classes.  More than some years, less than others.  No flying this year, but I did have to pay some tolls. On a good note, only one course required the expenditure of live ammunition, in which I fired 698 9mm rounds.  Nowadays, that’s not without cost, but I had plenty of ammunition purchased at 2019 prices to pull this from.  Concentrating so much on non-firearm training this year, the nationwide ammunition crisis (and the resulting high prices) did not affect me when it came to classes.


Though I did not write up each match in which I competed this year, I did do a summation of my performance here.  I participated in six IDPA matches this year at $20 per match ($120 overall).  I fired a total of 563 rounds over the course of these six matches.  Again, all the ammunition I used for these matches came from my somewhat sizeable stash, so the ammunition situation did not affect me greatly.

Final Thoughts

For those who like the math done for them, I spent a total of $1520 on classes and matches this year and fired a total of 1,261 rounds in those classes and matches.  Both of these numbers represent dips from last year and many past years.  I would not be surprised if this trend continues in 2022. 

As always, thanks for reading.  What training did you take/what sort of expenditures did you make in these areas in 2021?  Feel free to share below, as we always welcome civil discourse.  Happy Holidays to all of our readers. 

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