“Why does anyone need an AR-15?”

Author’s photo taken in 2003…

We often hear just such a question from idealistic gun control advocates… you need only ask a Ukrainian right now.

2 thoughts on ““Why does anyone need an AR-15?”

    1. Do you want to be a sheep when the wolf comes to your door? I love my ARs! There isn’t a gun in my safe that’s more fun to shoot and it can defend my home if I choose so. My go to bedside gun is a 12 gauge. God forbid I ever need to use any of my guns to defend myself. But if I ever did I like to know that I am ready and fully capable of defending my home. We are the law abiding gun carrying citizens of this country why not own legally whatever you want…..criminals don’t care about the law. What will the unarmed man do when the criminal comes knocking ……..


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