The Great American Outdoor Show: 2017 Edition

Yesterday, in what is rapidly becoming an annual tradition, I was again able to visit the Great American Outdoor Show held at the PA Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. For a general overview of how and why to visit the show, please check out my blog post from last year. What I’m going to […]

Cold Weather Concealed Carry Considerations

As cold weather encroaches upon us, Robert suggested that I write about how to approach concealed carry in winter since I live in a region where it sometimes gets very cold indeed. By way of example, as I type this, it’s 2° F outside. Also, in my first blog post of the New Year, I […]

AAR: Active Response Training (Greg Ellifritz) “Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting”, Culpeper, VA 10/29/16 – Part II

This past weekend, along with Robert, I had the opportunity to attend Greg Ellifritz’s Active Response Training one day Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting class. As noted in Robert’s AAR, the class was hosted by John Murphy of FPF Training in Culpeper, VA. Like Robert, my only affiliation with the above organizations is as a paying […]

Shooting the IDPA Classifier

Regular readers of the blog should be familiar with my recent adoption of IDPA as an alternative form of self-defense practice.  Having joined IDPA and taken my local club’s safety course as well as shooting in two club level matches (see here and here), I was eager to shoot the IDPA Classifier to see where I “rank”. […]

My IDPA Journey Continues: Match Two

This weekend I shot in my second IDPA club match (see article on my first match here).  This was a two-day match, but each of the two days featured the same six stages.  Some shooters shot both days (a few shot in one division one day and a second division on day two, others shot […]

Heading Down the IDPA Path

I like it when I achieve goals.  Long-time readers of the blog may recall my 2016 Training Goals article.  In it, among the goals I outlined were to explore competitive shooting in 2016, most likely IDPA.  I have finally begun this journey. The closest location to me that has regular club matches (several per month) […]

Concealed Carry and Driving…

The purpose of this post is not necessarily to discuss vehicle gunfighting tactics, as I’m not really qualified to talk about that at length. With that said, I can and will discuss some basics that I’ve learned in training, but what I really want to focus on first is the best way to carry a gun […]

Equipment Review: Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon holster

Elsewhere on the blog, I have mentioned how I am one of those rare breed of handgun owners who does not have the drawer/box/closet full of holsters.  I will, in using my “Buy Once, Cry Once” (see here and here) strategy, test “proof of concept” with cheaper alternatives before diving into the better, more expensive items […]

Equipment Review: Ares Gear Enhanced Aegis Belt

Over the few years that I have been carrying a pistol I have generally been satisfied with my Wilderness Instructor belt.  Although it is now a few years old, it’s been maintaining its cross-sectional rigidity.  However, over these years there were times when I wished that I had a belt that had less of a […]