A Few Thoughts on the Orlando Massacre

Like so many Americans, I woke up Sunday to the news of the attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  As of this writing, 49 people are reported dead and 53 more wounded.  I wish I could say that I am sad or shocked by this news, but, sadly, I think “numb” might be […]

Echos from the Past… Relevant Today

Today marks the 74th anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. As such, I wanted to take this day to convey my thoughts on some recent current events and their implications, as our great nation is once again under attack. I would not characterize Pearl Harbor as a terrorist attack, but nonetheless, some interesting parallels can […]

The Importance of Training at Distance

Elsewhere on the blog I have mentioned how I have borrowed from Steve Fisher’s Critical Handgun Employment 2 class and do a fair amount of handgun practice at distance.  For the purposes of this article, let us define distance as 25 yards and out. The indoor ranges I frequent only go out to 25 yards, but […]

Terror in Paris

Both Robert and I thought some sort of blog post concerning the events in Paris was needed, but I have struggled with what I wanted to say… Partly because many other commentators have already said it better, and partly because the events happened in France rather than in the United States. The point that France […]