Choosing a Carbine Sight…

Something that a fellow blogger and reader of the blog mentioned on our Facebook page got my brain in gear again… in response to my recent updated carbine set up article, he posed a statement and question regarding choice of optic and reasonable expectations of use contrasted with typical training environments. This isn’t so much […]

Carbine Setup for Civilians – 2019 Edition…

Although not one of the most popular, one of the most consistently viewed posts on this blog is the carbine setup article that I wrote back in 2015. To my mind, this speaks to the undeniable popularity of the AR-15. Given the continued assault on our rights and renewed efforts to legislate a ban on […]

My First Match of 2018!

Notice the title doesn’t say “First IDPA Match of 2018”.  My first competitive match of the new year was something different for me:  a carbine match. I first learned about this match on a local firearms forum about a year ago.  Well, that is to say, I learned about the 2017 edition.  I marked it […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Modify Your Gear, Part I: The Wedge

We’re all a little different.  We’re built differently in height, weight, body-type, etc.  We have different wardrobe preferences and needs (work), different things we can carry with us without drawing attention, and, in general, different areas of relative strength. Sometimes finding that Goldilocks “just right” piece of gear can be tough.  For example, John and […]

Buy Once, Cry Once (?) Part 2: The AR Pistol

It seemed fitting to write Part 2 of my earlier Buy Once, Cry Once (?) article during the peak of the holiday shopping season.  For those who are too lazy or pressed-for-time to read the first installment, let me sum it up with these few words:  don’t let the pursuit of perfection get in the way of […]

Buy Once, Cry Once (?)

If you’re on this blog and visit other firearm and self-defense blogs and forums, chances are you have heard the expression “buy once, cry once” before.  I’ve even seen it on forums geared toward auto repair, mountain bikes, sporting equipment, etc.  The basic gist is that you should, when faced with a purchasing decision between […]

Equipment Review: Hunter Rifleworks AR-15 HBAR Upper

Backstory Those who have read John’s article, The Case for Duplicate Guns, can well understand the advantages of having “doubles” of certain firearms available. One day earlier this year I found myself looking into my safe and realizing that I had only one “true” AR-15 carbine (gasp!). How was this possible? I thought these things […]