Workplace Violence

Most of our readers have probably heard of the Rule of Four S’s.  I think John and I have both referenced it before in articles in the past.  I believe this rule is generally accredited to the great John Farnam (though I think his version had three S’s rather than four, but whatever).  The rule […]

AAR: Active Response Training (Greg Ellifritz) “Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine”, Manassas, VA, 02/11/17

After the fantastic experience I had in Greg Ellifritz’s “Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting” class in October of 2016—my final class last year—it seemed fitting to begin my 2017 coursework with two more classes from Greg.  The two courses were “Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine” and “Groundfighting”.  John and I chose to take these two […]

Equipment Review: US PALM Ankle Cargo Cuff

In my article on my EDC gear, I included a flat-folded SOFTT-W tourniquet that I had been carrying for quite a while.  Part of that time I had rubber-banded some flat folded duct tape and a package of Quik Clot Combat Gauze to it for a nice, compact blow-out kit I could carry virtually anywhere in […]

What SHOULD you carry? EDC Continued…

Last week I shared my opinion on what most civilian gun owners who carry concealed should focus on and carry every day… I tried to frame my argument in terms of absolute needs as opposed to wants with the aim of preparing for the probable vs. the possible. I was gratified by the number of […]

What Do You Need? Some Thoughts on Mindset and EDC…

In this post, I want to talk about what is REALLY needed by the average person that carries a concealed weapon every day, and I want to do so against the backdrop of the ubiquitous “Every Day Carry” (EDC) discussion. I can actually summarize it in one sentence, and I’m not being flippant. Abide by […]

2015: The Year in Review

Although our blog has not yet been in existence for a full year, I thought it worthwhile to do an end of the year assessment about what my personal journey has been like this year as well where we might be going. Training In terms of training, my goals this year were to start hitting […]