Concealment Tricks and Tips Vol. 2: Colors

In this second in a series of articles I have planned on concealment tips, I wanted to look at the importance of color.  In this case, I am not only referring to cover garments, or garments in general. Rather, I am referring to garments AND gear.  The Cover Garment In Volume 1, I mentioned how […]

Concealment Tricks and Tips Vol. 1: Cover Shirt

This will be the first of a series of short articles I have planned on concealment tips.  The tips I will share in these articles have a variety of sources.  Some are based on information shared in some of the classes taken over the last few years.  Alternatively, some are based on readings done online […]

Useful Training Tools

With all the training I have done over the last few years, I thought it might be useful to make a list of useful training items to have.  As such, this article can serve as a handy complement to my article on preparing for your first firearms class.  The items discussed in this list, however, are specific […]

Equipment Review: Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon holster

Elsewhere on the blog, I have mentioned how I am one of those rare breed of handgun owners who does not have the drawer/box/closet full of holsters.  I will, in using my “Buy Once, Cry Once” (see here and here) strategy, test “proof of concept” with cheaper alternatives before diving into the better, more expensive items […]

Equipment Review: Ares Gear Enhanced Aegis Belt

Over the few years that I have been carrying a pistol I have generally been satisfied with my Wilderness Instructor belt.  Although it is now a few years old, it’s been maintaining its cross-sectional rigidity.  However, over these years there were times when I wished that I had a belt that had less of a […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Modify Your Gear, Part I: The Wedge

We’re all a little different.  We’re built differently in height, weight, body-type, etc.  We have different wardrobe preferences and needs (work), different things we can carry with us without drawing attention, and, in general, different areas of relative strength. Sometimes finding that Goldilocks “just right” piece of gear can be tough.  For example, John and […]

Giddy Giddy Bang-Bang!

I am a child. Well, not really. But I sometimes act like one. Certainly a child at heart. I say this because right now I’m a little giddy. Why? Travel Tomorrow I head off to see my blog partner, John. Believe it or not, we haven’t actually SEEN each other since we trained together in […]

Campus Carry and the Umpqua Community College Shooting

I’m fucking pissed and these impromptu blog posts are becoming all too frequent… Yesterday, yet another lone gunman walked into a gun-free zone and perpetrated an atrocious act of mass murder. He was stopped by good guys with guns, far too late… The cops did it right and engaged the gunman immediately upon their arrival. […]