Instructor Report Cards

I cannot imagine there are too many people in my shoes.  I have been to many classes over the years, almost all of them documented here on the blog.  I have met a lot of people in those classes.  Accountants, police officers, information technology specialists, lawyers, doctors, army reservists, etc.  I cannot ever recall meeting […]

Training Options During an Ammunition Shortage

No, sorry, this is not an article about dry practice.  You should already be doing dry practice (a.k.a. “dry fire”) anyway.  While the current ammunition shortage might have you doing more dry practice in order to preserve the ammunition supplies you have on hand, this article is more about training options you might want to […]

AAR: Shivworks (Craig Douglas) “Armed Movement in Structures”, Pittsburgh, PA 4/9-4/10, 2016

I first started hearing about Craig Douglas, a.k.a. “SouthNarc”, years ago, probably before I ever started taking any self-defense classes.  Over the years, I have watched countless YouTube videos—mostly of portions of his much-lauded Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (ECQC) classes—read some of his writings, listened to interviews with him on various podcasts, and even joined […]