A Gunfighter’s Gun

One of the side benefits of taking classes is the opportunity that sometimes presents itself to sample someone else’s  gear.  Students show up to classes with all sort of gear—some good, some not so good—and I have found members of the community in such venues to be very open and accommodating when it comes to […]

My Ameriglo Customer Service Experience

I’m going to share something with our readers that no one knows (not even John….until now). Over a year ago I wrote a review of the Ameriglo I Dot Pro sights.  I even went back to that article and updated it when I bought more sets.  Currently, ALL of my Glocks wear them (I do […]

Growing Pains at Elite Tactical Systems?

Last month, based largely on Robert’s ongoing review of the new ETS Glock magazines, I decided to purchase two of the 10 round Glock 19 limited capacity magazines to use during my weekly range trips. I was pleased that ETS offered the option of limited capacity magazines for those of us trapped behind enemy lines, […]