Don’t Make Assumptions About Your Gear

Regular readers of this blog, especially those who might focus on my AARs and my range visit posts, might have been surprised over the last couple of years at the number of malfunctions my OD Generation 3 Glock 19 has experienced (Glock perfection?).  My black Glock 19 has suffered three or four malfunctions over its […]

The Other Strong Hand

Readers of this blog are most likely familiar with the term “the other strong hand”.  Many firearms instructors use this terminology (Bill Rapier used this term in this class) in lieu of “weak hand”.  Words have meaning, and the idea is to use positive words (“other strong”) versus words with more of a negative tone […]

Always Check Your Ammo!

In this post, I’m going to share some examples of faulty ammunition that I’ve encountered in training, and highlight the importance of inspecting your ammo and proactively replacing carry ammo. Many malfunctions can be attributed to either faulty magazines or faulty ammunition. By inspecting your ammunition, you can minimize the chances of an ammo related […]