Why Train and Take Classes?

Recently, I had a conversation with a gun owning friend that I think of as being a “typical” gun owner. He has no specific training, but goes to the range on occasion and is safety conscious. However, he doesn’t carry, and in fact does not yet even own a holster. I mentioned (again) the need […]

What’s Your Life Worth? Choose Your Training Wisely

Please read all of what follows while keeping in mind the mission of the Civiliangunfighter blog as outlined in this first post we made over 18 months ago. Several months ago I wrote an article describing how to take classes with a critical eye.  When techniques that are taught are questionable due to reasons of inefficiency or […]

Why Train?

I enjoy the brief “American Gunfighter” videos.  I have seen them all, regarding some as better than others, but Episode 7 really resonated with me.  For those of you who are not familiar with these brief videos or perhaps missed this one: I think it is only natural, after viewing a video like this, to stop […]

Some More Thoughts on Instructor Pedigrees

My previous article on instructor pedigrees stimulated at least a little discussion here on the blog, on Facebook, and between John and me.  I had a few thoughts as it relates to this topic that I did not address in the first article, so I thought our readers might appreciate my sharing. Beware of Talent Whether […]

My Fourth IDPA Match

I hope it is not getting tedious for our followers to read of my IDPA matches.  I am including brief write-ups here on the blog for a number of reasons: To describe what shooting in such a match is like, especially for newer shooters who may be interested, but hesitant; To disclose more about my […]