Asleep at the Wheel

Over the last three years, I have attended quite a bit of training with Tom Givens.  I took two seminars with him at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference in 2017, and another seminar in 2019.  I also took a one-day Defensive Shotgun class with him, a two-day Combative Pistol class, and his three-day Firearms Instructor Development […]

Be Alert!

I was going to make this a simple Facebook post, but thought it might deserve a little longer post here on the blog.  Not unlike my post here, nothing really happened, but I was able to use this situation as a good thought exercise. Background There is a trip made from my house to the […]

Intuition: Listen to Your Gut Instincts!

This post is going to deal with a facet of situational awareness that I’m going to refer to as intuition for lack of a better term. If you prefer, think if it as your sixth sense or a gut feeling. I’m going to look at this aspect of situational awareness through the lens of my […]

Situational Awareness

It does us no good to carry a firearm or other defensive tool if we don’t have our heads “in the game”. I am no super-duper-ninja by any means, but recent observations I’ve made have indicated that I’m far ahead of the curve compared with most of the general public. A few weeks ago I had […]

Charleston, SC, Church Shooting – Some Thoughts…

Earlier this week, a disturbed young man walked into a Charleston, South Carolina church and perpetrated an act of despicable evil. Rather than focus on the political or societal implications (the talking heads will do that ad nauseam), I think it is vital to examine the situation and revisit some established tactical truths. As is […]