Glock Modifications, Part 2 – Sights

In the first installment of this series on Glock modifications and upgrades, I discussed the grip work that I had done on my EDC Glock 19 Gen 4. Here, I’m going to explain my thoughts about aftermarket sights. (Anyone who read this particular post when it was first published will probably note that I’ve made some […]

The Late-Night Knock on the Door

I had another article ready to go this week, but something happened the other night that I thought I would share with our readers.  I did not repel hordes of ninjas or anything like that.  I am choosing to share this story because it seems that, all too often, we read of somewhat similar stories […]

Equipment Review – 2016: a sight odyssey…

My recent experiences in multiple pistol classes and my aging eyesight have resulted in somewhat of a personal odyssey in finding sights that I like and that also work well for me. In short, I’ve been disappointed with my accuracy despite frequent practice and I’ve also been compelled to adapt to progressive lenses in my eyeglasses due to […]

Look Ma, No Glasses!

Over the past few weeks on visits to the range, I’ve been doing some experimentation. I tried something that I’ve only ever done with dry fire before… I shot a few drills without my prescription glasses to see just how I would fare relying only on my unaided eyesight. As you read the following, please […]