The Late-Night Knock on the Door

I had another article ready to go this week, but something happened the other night that I thought I would share with our readers.  I did not repel hordes of ninjas or anything like that.  I am choosing to share this story because it seems that, all too often, we read of somewhat similar stories […]

Buy Once, Cry Once (?)

If you’re on this blog and visit other firearm and self-defense blogs and forums, chances are you have heard the expression “buy once, cry once” before.  I’ve even seen it on forums geared toward auto repair, mountain bikes, sporting equipment, etc.  The basic gist is that you should, when faced with a purchasing decision between […]

The Case for Weapon-Mounted Lights

This article is primarily intended to piggyback on my earlier article on home defense. In that article, I touched on the overall utility of having a weapon-mounted light (WML) attached to a firearm used for home defense. In this article, my intention is to provide a rationale for their use as well as debunk some […]