Choosing a Concealed Carry Handgun

In this introductory article, I am going to discuss some attributes that I feel are important when selecting a handgun for the purposes of concealed carry and self-defense. I have been carrying a concealed handgun for most of the past two decades now, and my choice of handgun has evolved over that time according to […]

Contributor Bios

John I’m just a regular guy. I’ve never been in the military, and I’m not a cop. I do have a lot of friends that are or were in the military, and I work alongside cops every day. I’ve been involved in emergency medical services one way or another since 1999 and currently work as […]

About the Blog…

Welcome! The primary goal of this blog is to explore and identify the best training, tools and tactics available to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. We hope to share that knowledge with like-minded individuals. We’re not experts, but we do have a lot of combined experience. We intend to keep this blog relatively free of […]