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I’m just a regular guy. I’ve never been in the military, and I’m not a cop. I do have a lot of friends that are or were in the military, and I work alongside cops every day. I’ve been involved in emergency medical services one way or another since 1999 and currently work as a paramedic.

I didn’t really grow up around guns, but for most of my adult life, I have been interested in shooting and self-defense applications of firearms. I’ve held concealed carry permits from multiple states since 1997, and I’ve usually carried concealed whenever and wherever legal. I’ve been fortunate enough to train with some of the best in the industry, and I continue to seek out quality instruction to further improve my skills. Much of what I intend to write will be set upon the foundation of that experience. In addition, I may occasionally delve into first aid and other relevant subjects.

Although the name of this blog revolves around fighting with a firearm, I intend to explore a more comprehensive approach that encompasses many more aspects of preparation and self-defense than simply owning a gun.

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I’m also a just a regular guy. Though I’ve had a life-long interest in firearms and self-defense, I came more recently than John into the world of gun ownership and training.

My goals echo those of John. Like many gun owners, I made the mistake of purchasing a firearm and then convincing myself that I was ready for anything. A law enforcement friend of mine started taking his street survival more seriously and began taking courses with some of the bigger names in the business. Hearing his stories convinced me that I needed more than an NRA basic pistol class in order to achieve true proficiency.

As a teacher by trade, I tend to appreciate quality instruction and can certainly identify it when I see or experience it. I have now, a few years into my training experiences, had occasion to train with some fantastic and some less-than-stellar instructors. My hope is to pass along some of what I have been taught, but also what I have learned (there are those things we learn that are not expressly taught). I truly believe that if gun owners get themselves more quality training, all of society will benefit.

So, we welcome you on our journey. This blog will not be without errors in writing or content, but we will do our best to share some of the wisdom we have so far acquired—and hope to continue to acquire—in our journeys.

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8mmkurz is the pseudonym of the blog’s first guest contributor! He’s been a “Cop” for almost 40 years and a shooter for longer than that. He started with a toy pistol pinned to his diaper and remembers watching “Gunsmoke” with his shiny toy Peacemaker, just like Marshall Matt Dillon.  He shot on his school’s rifle team (imagine that – Baltimore City schools having a rifle team – now they just have school shootings). 8mmkurz entered the Army when Reagan was president. He was an MP, and later he taught at the MP School. He served through Grenada, Panama, and Gulf War One (Desert Storm). In the Gulf, he was assigned to CID as a bodyguard for the General who replaced General Swartzkopf. He’s jumped out of “perfectly good airplanes” and he’s been a Private Detective. He’s also done Executive Protection as well as undercover assignments. Currently he’s assigned to the Patrol Division of a major Police Department outside of Baltimore City, and he is a former SRT team member.

8mmkurz has trained in Asian martial arts, but his current passion is Fencing. He started in high school and continued in college, but only picked it up again about a year ago. He’s done Foil and Saber, but Epee is his passion. It’s the closest to the martial roots, as it has the least “sport” rules. There are no “right of way” rules or “off limit” targets. The opponent’s entire body is a target, just like in real life.

8mmkurz is a huge supporter of personal self-defense (yes, for civilians too). One of the things that being a cop has taught him is that he will almost always get there after the bad things happen. He’s not afraid of good guys carrying guns because he know bad guys aren’t afraid to break the law… heck, that’s why they call them criminals.

He also likes training. It’s the difference between riding a bike and driving a Formula One racer. Both require skill, it’s just that one requires more. When you or your family need a surgeon or a lawyer do you want an experienced professional, or one that hasn’t practiced in years?

Isaac Chase (Firearms Training Central)

Isaac Chase is a part time basic pistol instructor and owner of the largest online directory of active firearms instructors,  He is passionate about making firearms training a priority for every gun owner across the country and around the world. He believes that the best way to protect our rights is to create a public that understands them and exercises them regularly.  His goal is to develop a citizenry that values training as deeply as gun ownership and will therefore be prepared to defend themselves and their rights in a peaceful society.

Isaac calls colorful Colorado home and has spent the last seven years as a Second Amendment activist.  When he isn’t preaching the gospel of firearms training and ownership, he is enjoying the outdoors with his wife and three children, camping, fishing, hiking, four-wheeling and otherwise soaking up the sunshine.

Isaac can be reached at

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